[Help needed] Blockchain(onion) Wallet: "Quota Exceeded (Req Count Limit)"

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by RThoads, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. RThoads

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    I am having a lot of trouble accessing my blockchain wallet via Tor.
    Most days I get the following error when trying to gain access:
    "Quota Exceeded (Req Count Limit)"
    and that is it, nothing else displayed on the page -- a dead end that I can not get past (no access to my wallet).

    A simple google search shows many people are frustrated with the same issue. However, I have failed to find any solutions.

    Does anyone here know of a work-around to this known issue?
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  2. Bender83

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    Any update on this?
  3. MindlessWork

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  4. Millard Baker

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    There is no work-around. You just refresh your TOR browser again and again until it works. Or you don't use TOR.
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  5. pumpingiron22

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  6. RThoads

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    ok, thank you for the replies.
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