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  1. Yeabuddyron

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    I transfer money from circle to dark wallet and still nothing. It's like my dark wallet is not connecting for some reason.
  2. Yeabuddyron

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    Says obelisk offline!
  3. Yeabuddyron

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    Case closed. 24hr later obelisk connected successfully and a seed search gathered the transaction. I consider myself very lucky and if anyone out there is using dark wallet I'd find something different as it seems it's not being updated anymore.
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    It seems like the Darkwallet project is dying. There have members of the project openly working on other things. Also, it seems like funding has become a problem. The latest version of the wallet has been reported to have a lot of bugs. You were very lucky to get your coin back. Earlier versions actually work better.
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  5. Yeabuddyron

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    Yea I went back to .0.7.0 to get my private keys. They would not dump on 0.8.0. It was a miracle. I logged in and for 24hr it said error then out of nowhere boom it connected loaded my seeds and I got that money out of there asap. Didn't even mess with mixer. Needless to say I think blockchain is the only consistent wallet now.
  6. I use coinstar. Millions of users and based here in America. Deposits work instantly from a card and a few days from a bank account. Buying from it is super easy with the app. I suggest trying it out.
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    Yea I use circle for the initial wallet
  8. Sorry meant to say Coinbase! Not coinstar, so sorry. Don't use coinstar

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    Hey I am experiencing the same thing , sent money from circle >> blackchain >> darkwallet
    but I dont see my money on dark wallet yet. How did u send it from blackchain to darkwallet? did you use the stealth address ?
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