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Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by Greek_beast95, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. Greek_beast95

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    okay so I have not a damn clue how to do this bitcoin thing that every lab seems to want to do lately , can anyone please for the love of god send me some labs that still use western union so that people who arnt computer wizards can buy some damn gear lmao, thank you!
  2. Eman

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    Dude, you're 22? You remind me of the 50 year old guys in my office that are mesmerized when I create a new folder on their computer...

    It doesn't take a computer wizard to use Bitcoin... It takes someone willing to sit down for a few hours to read and learn. Go read... Stop walking around with your hands out.
  3. Greek_beast95

    Greek_beast95 Member

    Come on man :( help me out here , this bitcoin shit is killing me
  4. cdusgk91

    cdusgk91 Member

    Find a bitcoin atm. Create a bitcoin wallet. Transfer funds from bitcoin atm to your wallet. Then from your wallet to whatever source you want to send to. Easy peasy lemon squeezy
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  5. MindlessWork

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    You are going to have to go the bitcoin route as MG/WU is freezing out many sources and in fact BTC is becoming the ONLY payment method for many of them.
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  6. macabremitch

    macabremitch Member

    what is so difficult that trying to purchase bitcoins is killing you. what are you having trouble with
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  7. daylight driller

    daylight driller Member Supporter

    There is a whole crypto section here with alot of knowledge
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  8. Greek_beast95

    Greek_beast95 Member

    I tried using coin base the app but I’m waiting for my damn license in the mail since I lost mine a week ago and it needs a picture of it to start the process, is there any other route that does not need an ID . I live in MA and getting a license in the mail here is a shit show
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  9. Maktub

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    Those atm bitcoin is getting expensive like MG oR WU if you buy 20$ bitcoin you actually get 13$ worth bitcoin . They chrage you 7 =35% of the whole amount per transaction.
  10. macabremitch

    macabremitch Member

    no. coinbase needs identification validation so you’ll have to wait or use bitcoin ATM
  11. Greek_beast95

    Greek_beast95 Member

    Damn alright , thanks for the information boys .
  12. Fryguy

    Fryguy Member

    Try Abra, it's in the app store. I was able to confirm my identity without an ID. Whenever you send crypto always double check the adress you are sending it to. Just a tip for when you start.
  13. Oldskool74

    Oldskool74 Member

    The fee depends on the ATM. The bitcoin ATM by me charges 10.5% up to $1999 and gets lower over that. If you're in an area that has multiple ATM's, it pays to shop around.
  14. Maktub

    Maktub Member

    Good to know . Thanks for the info . Which wallet do you recommend the easy one to use ?
  15. Oldskool74

    Oldskool74 Member

    I put it into coinbase at the ATM but then transfer into my jaxx wallet.
  16. Steve84

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    Well to be fair...RBC fucked me on bitcoin buying. Gayest shit ever!
  17. Greek_beast95

    Greek_beast95 Member

    This is what drives me crazy , there’s like 17 different types of atms and like 50 different bitcoin apps . It’s fucked man
  18. jaymaximus

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    Venmo me your money and I'll convert it for you. You can trust me, I'm Irish
  19. Tizzousa

    Tizzousa Member

    I just did my first bitcoin transaction on Coinbase. Besides the fucking wait til until my bitcoin was available to send to an external wallet it was one of the easiest things to do. I was curious if or what people use to purchase that allows credit card purchases for bitcoin? I hear coinmama allows but not in my state for some reason..
  20. MindlessWork

    MindlessWork Member Supporter

    My bank does not allow crypto purchases using my credit card from any exchange. Debit card is ok for now though.
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