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Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by Greek_beast95, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. AlwaysHungry

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    My bank does not allow crypto purchases too also Coinbase dosen't accept my greek ID
  2. Ultrafast

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    I have to agree with Greek, it is a major pain in the ass and expensive. I’ve done it 3 times and each time I literally wanted to give up.
    My bank doesn’t allow bitcoin purchases. Therefore, I have to go through Paxful...I have to then find a guy that will repay me in bitcoin through Western Union .90 cents on the dollar. Then have to pay out to WU for the transaction. Then when you transfer from your Paxful wallet there is another fee.
    The gear I purchased was $ after all the bullshit...$254.
  3. bonacris

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    Coinbase monitors who you send money to. If the account is suspicious they will shut down your account. There are other options other than coinbase but they all require verification
  4. SuperSwede

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    Yes they shut down my account for some reason some years ago.
    I was sad in one minute..
    Now i buy my btc with cash. I have friends in the btc business, they like cash and i like coins - win win :D
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  5. Just1more

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    Fuck coinbase, I purchase my btc from coinmama, then transfer it to my jaxx wallet.
    Never had an issue, and the mining fees are reasonable
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  6. macabremitch

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    why don’t you just open up an account from another bank that allows coinbase. i do agree with the new ban it’s been harder but i think it’s only 4 banks that have banned bitcoins.
  7. DrankSlangin

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    You’re a millennial for fuck’s sake, how can you not figure this out immediately? I had to actually read instructions for like 10 minutes the first time.
  8. Greek_beast95

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    I think the biggest issue I’m having is how there’s so many different platforms to use it on and when it asks how much bitcoin I want to buy I don’t know how to say I want 150$ worth like what’s that work out to? .00000000000347800
    Lmao idk
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  9. picholas

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    Read the link I posted bro, it explains everything. Even has pictures.
  10. JabbedUp

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    I got a 300 euro limit on Coinbase without any ID. I use the app.
    Using a CC too.
  11. . Same here. Now looking for a new method. CIM for now.
  12. Spothenot

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    I am having trouble getting my ID to upload...keeps saying failed to not a clear picture
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  13. macabremitch

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    is it your DL ? maybe try some different lighting. clean your id and camera lens.
  14. JabbedUp

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    Try blockchain too if you don’t want to use or can’t use ID.