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    Hi everyone,
    Next week I will be in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico and I would appreciate if you could give me pointers as to what pharmacy is best to go and pick up boldenone and deca Pharma grade. To my knowledge no prescription is needed. Anyone can confirm this?
    Look forward to receiving your answers.
  2. Eman45

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    Cheap n pretty potent stuff. Just watch out for floaters. And you can Bargon with them. Walk into a couple pharmacy negotiate n go with you feel is good. I used ther t400 and deca 300 with Anadrol believe they were qv brand.
  3. mands

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    Do not go into the fancy looking pharmacies in Mexico. Try and find one off the beaten path. Or even look for a vet to go into. They sometimes will have better pricing.

    You can find deca no problem but eq is a little harder.

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    Yes.... Last time I was there they had deca, sustanon, test p + enan. blend, Anadrol, Anavar and injectable winny...
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    Why can’t these caravan fucks be useful and bring up the good stuff with them...
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  6. opti

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    No pharmacy will sell you Boldenone. You will only be able to acquire testosterone, sostenon, and deca at a legitimate pharmacy in regards to AAS.

    If you want to get EQ, Deca(higher mg/ml), Drol have to go to a veterinaria. Plenty of those that will sell you the items above in the shady part of the city. The biggest role players nowadays in Mexico are underground labs just like it is here in the US. Less than a handful that I would actually even consider as legitimate. If you are just gung-ho about acquiring AAS I would suggest you hit up a major gym there and speaking with the owner.

    Forgot to mention, no script is required for these types of medications.
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    Man they are completely taking over the boarder/Tijuana and leaving a unimaginable mess along the way. Just ridiculous.
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