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  1. I just recieved the confirmation for Proton Mail. In the set up it asks for a recovery email address. If I use my email won't that link them in some way. Sorry for tagging you @pumpingiron22 but I know you have the answer
  2. turcao

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    I think the recovery address is just in case you lose your password and they have to send a reset link.
  3. But is it safe to have the Proton email address connected to you by having them linked?
  4. Millard Baker

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    Just create an unconnected email address solely for this purpose.
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  5. Thank you. Does this have to be set up on a pre-pay phone to keep it from linking to your IP address?
  6. Millard Baker

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    You can use a VPN app (especially one with a killswitch) on your regular mobile as one way of hiding your real ip address...
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  7. Bender83

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    ^^ yes, this is what you want to do! My first protonmail account that I set up, I wasn't using my head, and linked it to one of my legit email addresses. Needless to say I had to apply for another protonmail account, and get a burner email addy to link to it.
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  8. I was just about to finish the registration when I decided to ask. Glad I did, thanks
  9. jaymaximus

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    You can change your linked email in settings anytime
  10. But I bet there would be a history of linked emails that might lead someone to you.
  11. Bender83

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    I did not know this, but I would think the same thing as Rocco. I'm paranoid so I just made another. Cool thing was I only waited like a week for my 2nd account invite, so it was not a big deal.