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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by lastchance, May 8, 2009.

  1. lastchance

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    The photo without shirt is obvious I had not trained in many many years. The photo with tank top I have been back to training for a month and I am 10 days on cycle. I had lost 26 pounds, prior to starting cycle. Clean diet, cardio, ECA. A lot of dedication to get this far. Thanks for all your help.

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  2. tonyS

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  3. jasthace

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    You are looking better,but seem to be hiding behind a singlet for an unfair advantage.
    I noticed in the first photo, that there are a lot of weeds in your back yard,if you pull them out you might loose a bit more fat and gain a healthy tan;)
  4. mr.nitro

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    doing good, keep up with it.
  5. Grappler76

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    Lol, you look just like me. I`m 5.11 and 245lbs.
  6. lastchance

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    next month i will definetly have the shirt off! Abs should be in full effect and tan. Yes 5' 11" 220 40 yo. I plan to post pictures every month.:)
  7. Grappler76

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    Going to be great to follow your progress.

    Glad you took my last post the right way. Didn`t mean to be rude or anything. Just glad to see that I`m not the only one who isn`t ten days away from competition shape.
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    no sweat bro, I am never going to be a competive bodybuilder. This I know. This is for me! I hope as i give updates that it can inspire the 40+ out of shape. It is never to late to look good. Take care!
  9. TZTARZAN2000

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    that is awsome! i am curious why the tank? still hiding that belly? no disrespect intended! keep it up and youl see those abbs, maybe not next month but you keep it up because they are there. a little tan would help you too but you are definately on the right track, keep up the good work and stick to that clean diet!
  10. lastchance

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    Yep, hiding a little belly. No question. Got up this morning and the abs are allready coming in ever so slight! I had a nice 8 pack all through my twentys. They are there. Thanks for the support.
  11. bigbench

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    Hell bro, if you had them before, time to get them back! Very nice for such a short time frame. You actually have a stomach now vs a gut :D
  12. Iron Worker

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    1 month? Wow, looks like a three month out photo, good work.
  13. sportsclub

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    great work, you had some great results in such a short time...keep it up:)
  14. xray9

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    NIce work! Can you provide details of your diet when you lost 26 pounds? How long did it take?
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  16. lastchance

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    Imfaomsh???????? Diet, some would say i cheated, high protien, very low fat, low carb, 200mg DNP ed, for twenty days and ECA. Oh ya don't forget the coffee....I'm sure that is what did it[:eek:)]