Here's my cycle, how long for hcg to work

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    Ok guys so this is my shortest cycle ever to date, only 12 weeks;

    Weeks 1-5 Test prop 150mg eod + NPP 90mg eod
    Weeks 6-8 Test prop 120mg eod (dropped test as experienced some unilateral nipple sensitivity, corrected with tamoxifen for 2 weeks) + NPP 100mg eod

    Weeks 9-12: Test prop 120mg eod and hcg 500iUs twice a week

    Will wait 10 days between last hcg and commencing SERMS, 7 day gap between prop and SERMS

    4 weeks of tamoxifen 20mg daily + clomid 50mg daily

    So I've took 2 shots of hcg for this week and I'm running adex alongside my hcg and prop (0.5mg adex eod) how long before my nuts start to swell with hcg use, baring in mind this is my first time running hcg, I am running hcg pre-pct and not during pct as it makes no sense to use during pct considering it is an LH mimetic and can raise estrogen hence being counter productive