Hexarelin, GHRP6, CJC1295 & myostatin inhibitor

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  1. Just curious if anyone knows if there are increased risks of heart growth when using these peptides with a myostatin inhibitor such as YK11.

    I'm on TRT at 150mg/wk, just started after a 1-1/2 long blast and cruise cycle that was actually more like a 1-1/2 long cycle in all honesty.

    So for the first time I am trying peptides.
    Already started cjc1295 & ghrp6 at 200mcg each at 2-3 times a day depending on convenience and schedule but always at least twice a day.
    I am about to incorporate the Hexarelin but according to research I can get away with maybe 100mcg of it while leaving the other 2 right where they are. I read that the Hex is more strong and can be ran lower when stacked. Is there any truth to this?
    Anyone else ever used this combo?
    Everything im taking and stats are below:
    Test cyp 150mg/wk
    Yk11 10mgs/day
    Rad140 20mgs/day
    Cjc1295 & ghrp6 200mcg/day x 3
    I've gained about 10lbs of solid lean mass in the past 2 months from the sarms alone and just started the peps last month.

    32yrs young
    Not sure body fat %
    BMI 26 (not sure if this helps)
    Training on and off past 14yrs with too many different reckless cycles to remember and I should be much bigger considering all the gear I've wasted in the past. Hence my trying a new approach with sarms and peptides.

    Any questions welcomed and any info/input is appreciated.
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    Can't help you with the SARMS except to tell you I wouldn't touch them as not enough research and long term effects are out there.

    That being said if you're not keeping your gains something might be up...

    What's your pct look like? And why no arimidex or aromasin?

  3. They instructed me to stop my AI before i got off cycle. I went straight into TRT after 2 months being off. Due to an emergency and circumstances out of my hands i had to trash all of my gear, AI's and SERMs. It was not easy, i really dont want to even remember doing it by typing this. I don't plan on running the sarms long but they did help with the withdrawl symptoms. Kept my libido up and no ED after the second week of being on them. I was using too much boldenone and stacking with Anadrol which drove my RBC count up to the danger zone of heart attack and stroke so its good that I stopped and dropped everything. tren fucked me up nice and well also, my endurance amd stamina is still shit and its been about 5 months. As shameful as it is to say I have to admit. I had quite the variety and was just dipping into everything every few months with no regards to my health. Paying the tolls now a bit but am still lucky.

    My diet is pretty decent, the ghrp has put me back on a very high calorie intake. Not counting as of late but I do have an app that logs everything and should start using it again soon. I eat about 5-6 times a day always have a lean protien (lots of fish or chicken, not much beef) always have rice, pasta or potatoes and a couple veg as well. I'm trying to eat more food this time around instead of taking in more shakes. Always made the mistake of wasting money on weight gainers and not food. Overall my diet is pretty clean, no fast food, no soda, low sodium intake hardly ever use salt. My water intake could go up but I tend to drink lots of green tea instead throughout the day.

    That's about all I can think of, also starting using and buying bee pollen by the lbs as I heard of the benefits and richness of it. I'll take about a 1/4 - 1/2 cup before or after workouts on top of everything else. Heard that it can replace multivitamins and has a high % of ready digestible protein as free form amino acids. Could this replace BCAA's also?
  4. Gotta say, my only complaint is this vicious fatigue in thw daytime. Only thing thw sarms didn't help with and may be contributing to. By 1pm everyday i want to fall asleep for a few hours and still wake up tired. Was hoping the peptides would help with that but haven't however they did help with the sleep apnea that had me messed up real good. Couldn't sleep at all before.
  5. 2 weeks after my last shot of boldenone, deca, and prop my test was at 680 and my estrogen was at 14. Took another 4 weeks to get mt test to 350 and estrogen went down to 7.