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  1. Piney

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    american anus
    Love your commentary especially on the other board and the advice column but can i ask a serious question?
    How did you get the name “amercan anus”? Its unique but mysterious at the same time.
  2. Eman

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    You realize that there is a private messaging function on this board, right?
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    Isnt there already a thread made for this?
  4. Eman

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    This is a different guy I think...

    Everyone is all over American Anus' dick all of the sudden.

    Wtf did I just say... :confused:
  5. American_Anus

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    This is a great question i have been asked numerous times.
    Some of my older posts as well as other documented life experiences have touched on this.
    As you probably know, i was a racer at one time, a racer of cars. The side of my car said ‘ american assassin”.
    Because it was a rather long name the word assassin was broken up because of the door panel.
    So it said american ass —- assin.
    As the race was starting the announcer who is a very nice man and also a preacher announced the names of the car. Because of the glare he said, “ in slot number 5, we have the american ass”. Then he realized what he said and for the remainder of the race he woud refer to me as the american anus because to him, using the word ass was profanity. No one really laughed, they just thought i had an interesting name and it stuck.
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    That guy is an idiot troll lol wtf how many trolls do we have on here? Troll fans of trolls? One troll with multiple handles in order to create the illusion of troll fandom?

    The amount of pathetic mentally ill mother’s basement living chronic masturbators is astounding these days.
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    Wtf even are these threads lol
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    Good question- im sure we will find out the end game with this sooner or later.
  9. x11

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    Will there be a US led invasion to install a puppet government in Syria.

    What are the implication for US farmers and world trade for joining/not joining the TPP.
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    Yeah dude...since that has worked so well in every other ME country
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    American Anus.. I thought that was Washington DC.