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    Hi folks - I'm a dude that likes to pick up heavy stuff. Middle-aged, new to AAS - started a protocol with a TRT doc this week, and I'm here to expand my knowledge base and research the UGL market so I can put a some extra TRT meds in my sock drawer for a rainy day. My plan is to read often and post as little as possible, because I'm a fucking noob with barely anything of value to contribute.

    Shout out to Ricky Pianos, my favorite vegan natty weightlifter guy.
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    I just realized how spectacularly boring my intro is - so let's start over:

    Hey brothas I'm Jimmy and I'm here 2 git SWOLE

    I'm 21y/o on TRT (my dad's a surgeon and his boy is an Endo who wanted to OPTIMIZE my levels cuz who wants to just SETTLE for 1100ngdl amirite BROS??) but my doc will only give me 300mg/week TestE so I made an account here on Meso (the PREMIER source board) so I can start my first cycle with reputable gear from the most popular source thread (ONLY the BEST... Whatever it takes!)

    Anyhow here's my first cycle plan bros feedback please:
    TestU @ 3000mg E3D
    Deca @ 6000mg/week
    MethylTren @100mcg EoD
    adex @ 10mg EOD (I ain't gettin no bishtiddies)
    GH @ 30iu/day (Tryina get them dick gainz nawmsayin)

    All from Day 1 for 52 weeks

    All in all I think I'll be the next Dallas McCarver
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    hi baby boo :)
    im tengrams
    im a part time troll and part time real shit spitter equalling full time fuck boi :)

    id like to see your girls buttonhole before we continue

    also im in the midst of operation: Go Out Like McCarver
    get with me boyo
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  5. That’s not enough steroids, you need a lot more
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