Hey guys ! New here ... want to start my first cycle soon

Discussion in 'Steroid Cycle Log' started by TRTvegan, May 7, 2018.

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    Hey everyone , glad to be part of an awesome forum.
    Okay I’ll keep it short...

    I’m 34 , 5’7 and 154lbs . I believe I’m around 12% Bf
    I’m currently on TRT
    75mg of testosterone Cypionate pinning twice a week
    hcg .50 ( half 1cc ) twice a week
    AI - 0.125 twice a week
    Tues and Saturday
    I’m looking to go into a first cycle
    250mg Test Cyp twice a week for around 10-12 weeks
    With my standard HCG dosage.

    I guess what I’m curious is how often and how much Anastrozole should I be taking a week, and how do I pct? Would I just go back to my typical TRT protocol ?

    Thanks everyone for any feedback for me and hope everyone is enjoying their Monday!
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    So your Vegan?
  3. TRTvegan

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    I am. I believe 8 plus months now
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    Ha just kidding bro, to each their own :)
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    Haha it was funny dude , no worries.