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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by Chelsea2020, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. Chelsea2020

    Chelsea2020 Member

    Hello Meso

    I friend of my husband has been telling him to join here for a while so I figured I would since he said there's a women's section. He goes by Odie

    I'm here for the gains and nothing more. Looking more for strength gains. I'm currently 5'7 145 pounds. Not sure on BF. 2 years ago after having my 2nd kid I was a fat 195 girl. I've come along ways but have hit a wall. Any help In reaching my goals will be very appreciated.
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  2. ebkallday

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    Welcome to Meso!
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  3. CdnGuy

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    Welcome to Meso! Odie? Never heard of him must be a new guy.:p
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  4. insaiyan93

    insaiyan93 Member

    Welcome!! But uh yeah....there's no odie here, looks like someone pulled a fast one on ya.
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  5. Chelsea2020

    Chelsea2020 Member

    I almost believed you guys but I took a video of him squatting a million pounds and asked him what he was going to do with it. He showed me this place on his phone.

    Thanks for the welcomes you liars. Lol

    Any tips on where to start reading?
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  6. insaiyan93

    insaiyan93 Member

    Haha it was worth a shot.

    Theres a women and steroids section might be good for you in particular. Nutrition and training sections are good for anyone lf course. Just poke around, theres good stuff floating around all over.
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  7. CdnGuy

    CdnGuy Member

    A millon pound squat? Definitely never heard of this "Odie" character haha :)

    Check out

    Women and Steroids
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  8. OdieM

    OdieM Banned

    Sweet a witness to my million lb squat. :cool: Come on chick you know how much it was. By the way I haven't shared that yet.

    You stole my line. I'm the only one who says "y'all" around here. I'm excited as fuck that you're here. You bring a lot to the table. You should make a log and post that video we took last week. I'm still in shock :eek:

    Your husband tell ya I smoked his ass on the track this morning right before we both puked? Lol
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  9. Perrin Aybara

    Perrin Aybara Member

    Welcome, fellow strength enthusiast.
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  10. RodgerThat

    RodgerThat Member

    Welcome but you definitely have your facts wrong there's no Odie here. There's this loser named OdieM but hopefully you don't associate yourself with those kinds ;)

    Also if your here for the gainz and nothing more your on the wrong forum it's 20-30% gains 70-100% screwing with eachother:D
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  11. Chelsea2020

    Chelsea2020 Member

    There you are. Yes I know it was 565. Wasn't it? My husband won't shut up about it. Why haven't you shared it? I'm glad to be here to. The guys seem fun. Where are the ladies?

    Oh come on. You know we all say y'all around these parts. A log? Sounds fun. It would be fun since you're here and could help me.

    He told me about the nose bleed. Scary stuff. Everything ok?
  12. Chelsea2020

    Chelsea2020 Member

    Thank you guys. I'm going to start at the women's section. I'm more of a guy though. Ha
  13. OdieM

    OdieM Banned

    The ladies are around. You'll love it here. It's very entertaining.

    Yeah that would be fun. We could hold each other accountable and take videos.

    I'm not sure. I've never had a nose bleed till yesterday and today unless it was from a fight. All my research says I must have high blood pressure but I checked it and it's just slightly high. Not sure what to make of it. Thanks for asking. Both times where while I was on my pre-workout and I'm thinking that raised my BP while on it and that's the cause. I'm dropping it and hoping that fixes me.
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  14. RodgerThat

    RodgerThat Member

    If it was mid squat (making an assumption) it would be due to an imporperly held valsalva breath where you are putting pressure through your face instead of directing it down to your diaphragm to hold the air in.

    Yay videos I love videos!

    OP there are quite a few girls here these days and some with incredible Lb for Lb strength for sure.

    May I ask your weight? Not body weight but 1rm weight? I know never suppose to ask a lady her weight but I think it's good info to have:p
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  15. OdieM

    OdieM Banned

    Nah I broke my bench PR and right when I stood up my nose started bleeding a little bit. Also today I ran bleachers and while I was walking to the truck afterwards it started again.

    Wait for this chicks numbers bud. She's a beast.
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  16. Eman

    Eman Member

    Get the fuck out.

    Just kidding... ;) Welcome to meso.
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  17. Trapmonster

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  18. Chelsea2020

    Chelsea2020 Member

    Squat- 315 Odie spotted me and my husband recorded it.

    Bench- 190 My weakest lift.

    Dead lift - Have no idea on 1rm. I never go above 225 but I do that for reps. My second kid did a number on my back.

    I've got some time today and will check the women's section out. Thanks everyone.

    Oh and I'm 35 years young by the way.
  19. Smokey McPot

    Smokey McPot Member

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  20. Savagesteve

    Savagesteve Member

    Welcome aboard and great numbers!
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