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  1. ghost88

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    Hi to everyone on here.

    Yes, I am new but I have been following this website for months now. I have been looking at uping my game and this website and forum has been at wealth of knowledge. Therefore, I decided to join up and maybe make some contacts or just talk to people directly with first hand experience.

    I live in Canada and am 30 years old. I work and workout in an enviroment where enhancement is not as acceptable. Therefore, I will have to do it or find out information through other channels such as this forum.

    I am looking forward to my time in the forum and adding my imput as well as just listening or more so, reading what the forum veterns have to say about different topics.

    All the best to everyone and PM me if you have any information to help me out or if you just wanna say Hi!


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  2. Eman

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    Welcome to meso
  3. MindlessWork

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    Welcome to Meso and enjoy the game!
  4. Sk8man101

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    Any stats/ goals/ or cycle history
  5. ghost88

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    @MindlessWork and Ewan: Thanks, look forward to learning.

    @Sk8man101: 30, 6ft, 210lbs, goals are to get bigger with more muslce, no cycle history.

    I think I have reached the natural biggest I will ever be, that is way I am now on here and looking for a way to be bigger through other means. Also, everyone I know already thinks I am on juice.
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