HGH and insulin resistance/diabetes?

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    can you PM me or email me, please? an issue unrelated to this forum
  2. Yes it all makes sense but does anyone here know of someone who admins GH IV? Some of the literature I've looked at has used continuous infusions to determine effects but in terms of what most of us here are looking for: growth, not sure why you would go that route. Yes pharmacokinetically you would require less but the point I was trying to make originally was that normally the body sees smaller pulses of Gh throughout the day with relatively stable IGF-1 level. Most of what is being said here is intuitive ....just not sure where the application is?
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    The day bodybuilders start continuous GH infusion via some form of mobile pump - is the day we might finally have to say 'enough is enough'!
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    I have spoken to a few on the forums over the years. I have not seen or know anyone in "real life" that does IV injections of GH.

    Those that have spoken about it usually take it because the bioavailability is higher than shooting SC or IM. Therefore you can use a lower dose for same effects.

    Cost perhaps...

  5. Been enjoying these discussions since I've joined the forum.....but it's all making me anxious to get started myself...just hoping my gear checks out! Can't imagine how it's going to impact my training...hoping for some very real changes
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    Good to have you here! Good luck.

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  7. Thank you sir...looking forward to shareing some real experience and data...not just thoughts and knowledge
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    I'm sure U already know this Mands but it's something thats must be clarified,

    All parenterally administered drugs are by definition 100% bioavailable and for that reason alone IV GH is about as IGNORANT as it gets.

    And it wouldn't surprise me if those who are running IV GH weren't IVDA in the past or in the present!
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    Being a Meso newcomer try not to be to presumptuous about the
    "experience" of others on this board bc although some choose
    make a spectacle of themselves and grossly exaggerate their PED use others have reasons to refrain from such boastful commentary.

    And bc of the recent advances in medical science, experience and
    knowledge are complimentary rather than contradictory in the majority of instances IME.

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    Check out the graphs bc they show how insulin resistance increases as FFA levels increase.

    A similar effect has been demonstrated with HIGH dose GH and evidence of such a change is revealed in the earlier article I posted.

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  11. Thanks. Yeah it's fairly easy to tell after a while who's legit. Anyway, I was actually referring to myself. While it's nice to talk about this stuff to a certain degree I get the most from individuals personal experiences. And I'm looking forward to contributing to this. While I've spent plenty of years picking and choosing journal articles that support my ideas or statements I came to this forum because I want to maximize my efforts in the gym. I actually chuckle sometimes because we start talking about what's safe and best to avoid while at the same time having conversations about gear, sources and gettin freaky. I'm really looking to take this to the next level. The studies aren't directed at this end point... Absolutely be safe and do the research. But when it comes to PED's it's years of trial and error that have formed the protocols of the top trainers.
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    Not a native speaker here.. can anyone tell me if any solutions have been found in the last 2 pages or methods to reduce the diabetes risk other than not taking doses that are too high?
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    Does adding insulin to HGH raise or reduce the risk of diabetes?
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    Yo back up off my trump-pump! (Copyright n patent pending). Continuous TRUMPtropin (GMP produced) GH injection that mimics natural GH spikes throughout the day.
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    Lovin that Orange color pump...
    but you forgot 'Pharma Grade' ;)