Hgh and insulin.

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  1. Kingkersis88

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    I am looking to start cycling hgh and insulin. Does anyone have any good protocols for this. Im also in the states. N.J anyone know of a place that sells both? Anonymous anabolics did but hes gone. Anyone else? Any help would be appreciated. I can no longer do steroids because of drug testing.
  2. ItsDaBoii

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    The protocol depends on your goals...

    Hgh+Insulin without steroids seems like a waste of money tbh
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  3. JP1979

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    You can buy insulin at walgreens
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  4. Kingkersis88

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    Really? I thought that insulin is the nost anabolic hormone anyways? This wouldnt be sufficient? What about running trestalone with the hgh n insulin?
    My goals are hypertrophy and fat loss.
  5. Kingkersis88

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    What kind humalog r? What kind do u use? I used humalog before.
  6. Kingkersis88

    Kingkersis88 Member

    If its a wast of money please people let me know....

    If not where do u get your hgh?
  7. ebkallday

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  8. JP1979

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    I don't use it, I don't feel there is any need to use it unless your trying to steal the sandow from Curry.

    GH and metformin is a safe alternative
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  9. Raisinballs

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    Thought you just said you can’t do steroids
  10. Eman

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    What drug testing?
  11. ItsDaBoii

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    Its an amazing hormone no question but it seems to need the synergy with steroids+hgh... most people i know that use insulin only just get fat tbh.

    Never tried trest but im sure any steroid with a test base would do the trick.

    For Hyperthrophy AND fat loss you would def need the steroids in the combo. But thats just my opinion, maybe some people here have a different expierence.
  12. AlwaysHungry

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    Dont see a reason to use insulin yet if you haven't maxed out on steroids first and then steroids + gh.
  13. gearwolf

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    gh isn't anabolic by itself though, so it would make a difference at best due to increased regeneration etc. but not add any muscle directly.
  14. Kingkersis88

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    Ok so im gonna do hgh and insulin. Im gonna try to use testosterone no ester while on it every few months because of drug testing. Tha k you for your help.
    Where can i get bac water from?
  15. ItsDaBoii

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    You wanna use test no ester every few months ? Whats that gonna do ? I think you should do some more research ...
  16. HGHDaddy

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    You must duble think before using insulin.
    Are you sure that you are finished with the steroids and come to the insulin as an answer?
    Pancreas has no joke! It may kill you, if you do not have a exprience or if you do not take someone experience it. You MUST be very carefull.
  17. Kingkersis88

    Kingkersis88 Member

    Ive used before with no hgh someone told me this was usless? I thought it helped.
    Can someone point me to where i can buy slin with no rx. Humalog or somthing like it.
    Any protocol would be helpful 2.
  18. ItsDaBoii

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    Steroid Underground
  19. Kingkersis88

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    Cant find anything a.a was the only one I knew and hes gone. Sucks.
  20. ItsDaBoii

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    You sure mate ? I found 4 dif sources that sell insulin on the first 2 pages.