HGH, cjc-1295, Hexarelin, Ipam, Epitalon, Thymalin to treat my Dilated Cardiomyopathy.

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    I've been using HGH, cjc-1295, Hexarelin, Ipamorelin, Epithalon, and Thymalin to treat my Dilated Cardiomyopathy.

    In Oct 2015 I was diagnosed with severe Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Left ventricle was severely dilated with an Ejection fraction (efraction) rate of 24. Normal is 55 - 70. Had no symptoms. Doctor told me to stop drinking (heavy drinker) and put me on Carvedilol. Doctor said that It was good they caught it as I would of been dead in 3 years.
    Had a 5 month check-up in late Feb. of 2016. No change after giving up alcohol and using Carvedilol. She wanted another check-up in 6 month and if there was no improvement they would want me to have an ICD implanted in my chest.
    I told the doctor I was going to start taking HGH, TRT, ghrp-6, Modified GRF 1-29. My heart doctor told me that she didn't believe in that type of science but gave me her blessings to do as I wanted. In November 2016 had another check-up. My left ventricle shape had returned to the upper limits of normal and Ejection fraction rate had improved to 41. My heart Dr. was shocked. She asked if i had gone on my HGH, TRT, therapy. I told her I had. She told me to keep on my regimen as it seems to be working.
    Due to high cost I discontinued all peptide, HGH, TRT treatment. In late 2017 I had another check-up with heart DR. Test revealed that my heart had worsened and now was moderately dilated, and ejection fraction rate had reverted back to 25. I immediately decided to go on just TRT only (testosterone) due to costs.

    In July 2018, another heart test showed that my left ventricle was again severely dilated as well as my right ventricle and aortic stem now were becoming dilated and/or extended. I quit the TRT as it was not working. I immediately went on HGH only. In Late November 2018, another heart test showed that my left ventricle was now only moderately dilated, my ejection fraction rate climbed to 30 ( 55-70 is normal) and right ventricle and aortic stem had returned to normal.

    In September I was diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea. A CPAP machine was ordered. I also visited an electrophysiologist heart doctor during September 2019 (He wants to implant an ICD).
    I told the heart doctor I wanted to wait on the ICD (implantable cardio defibrillator). He tried to tell me that my dilated cardiomyopathy caused my sleep apnea. I told him that it was the other way around. He then got on his computer to prove me wrong. He googled "cardiomyopathy". There was a line that read " sleep apnea is an independant cause of cardiomyopathy". I then told him that my current HGH use and prior peptide use had help counteract the hypoxia to my heart tissue that was occurring during my sleep apnea episodes. He also told me that he did not believe in that science.
    In December 2018 I used up all my HGH. I then started on cjc-1295, Ipam, and hexarelin. I chose those because of literature that showed hexarelin having cardio protective attributes. (ghrp-6, GHRP-2, and Ipam have some affinity to heart receptor cells)
    The cardiovascular action of hexarelin.

    In late February of 2019, I decided to add epithalon and thymalin peptides (along with the others I started in December 2018) to see if it could also help with the dilated cardiomyopathy. After a 6 day regimen of epithalon and thymalin something unexpected happened. My arthritis in my knees completely disappeared. (knee arthritis had gotten about 60% -75% better from being on HGH and the other peptides but had never disappeared completely. Also my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) is about 98% better. For 40+ years I have used 1/3 to 1/2 roll of toilet paper after each bowel movement. "One and done" (one wipe) is becoming the new norm for the past 2 weeks.
    I've been also been using the tread mill since last year to help get my heart stronger. During the hexarelin, Ipam, CJC-1295 regimen I noticed a huge improvement to my endurance. After taking a 1 month break from the treadmill in Feb. 2019 (extremely busy) and starting epithalon and thymalin during that same time period I was able to run faster and farther on the treadmill since March 1, 2019.

    I am actually looking forward to my next heart test. All chest pains and discomforts that I have felt for the past 2 years have disappeared in since mid-January 2019. I'm still trying to avoid having an ICD implanted in me.
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    Sounds like you’ve got some serious problems. Did your situation arise from steroid abuse or from heavy drinking or both? Regardless, good luck to you
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    >current HGH use and prior peptide use had help counteract the hypoxia to my heart tissue that was occurring during my sleep apnea episodes

    W-what? I'm no cardiologist, but that makes no sense.

    Also, however much I'd like it to, none of the things you have mentioned has the potential to help dilated cardiomyopathy, quite contrary. Anything that has the potential to make you hold fluids, such as GH, has the potential to worsen it and I can't see any molecular mechanism that it could actually help.

    But hey, hopefully I'm wrong and you'll get better. Glad seeing you gave up drinking and are on the right path. Keep it up man and keep us updated.
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    Thanks! I believe the Dilated Cardiomyopathy was a results of years of sleep apnea. I didn't discover it until last year when I woke up gasping for air.

    The sleep apnea could be a result of cervical fusion of my spine back in 1990. Approximately 75% of people with cervical fusion eventually have sleep disorders or sleep apnea.

    My wife tells me that I have been gasping for air for over 10 years. She thought that it was normal snoring. She said both her parents (from the Philippines) snored/gasped for air so she thought that was normal. Both her parents died from stroke/heart disease.
    The heavy drinking certainly didn't help but it made no difference in the test results when I stopped.

    Never abused steroids. I did try TRT replacement once before from a Florida Anti-aging clinic in 2009 but was hypersensitive to TRT and my testosterone shot up to over 4800! I consulted Dr. Scally to help with the recovery.
    I started the much lower dose of TRT in early 2016 in conjunction with HGH and peptides in order to try anything to fix my heart.
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    Interesting and thank you for educating me!

    I'll take a look at those when I'm a little bit less busy.
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    go to a good cardiologist.
    your a fool to try to be self prescribing a treatment plan for yourself.
    you sound like a snake oil salesman.
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    I do go to a good cardiologist. According to my cardiologist approximately 40% of people who have dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) , there is no apparent cause for the disease. I'm in that 40%according to the doctor.
    Their (doctor's) treatment plan of taking medications is not improving the DCM. (its also not making it worse).
    I did a lot of research on published scientific research on other alternative options. I'm trying to use safe peptides (based on scientific studies by other researchers) as an options, so why not try.

    Also, not trying to sell anything or steer readers towards any particular website or peptide supplier.
    I'll no in a few months if my efforts were in vain.