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  1. jJjburton

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    When starting HGH. Would I start at .5 iu for 2-3 weeks, then 1 iu 2-3 weeks, 1.5 iu 2-3 weeks. Then my maintenence dose at 2 iu? Could I just use 1 iu and not 2 iu?
  2. Logan44551

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    I would start at 1iu and go up by increments of one every 2 weeks until you reach desired dose. 1 iu would be a waste in my opinion.
  3. Wunderpus

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    Start at 2iu or don't start.
  4. puckhog

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    Thank you!! I have been waiting for someone with some clout to post that. I keep seeing people talking about 1iu then work up. I have recommended to many people that 2iu is a good and normal starting point.
  5. lilhawk

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    What brand are you using? I started straight off at 4iu of Serostim and never had any sides at all.
  6. Tiredandhot

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    Agreed, 2iu for sure. Or even 4iu if you can afford it and handle any sides.
  7. JP1979

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    Agree with all the rest, start at 2iu
  8. 1slow50

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    I started at 2iu about a month ago with Opti. Just moved up to 3iu a few days ago. No issues with side effects so far. Planned on increasing 1iu every 3-4 weeks
  9. A7B8CC82-9D47-49F1-88FB-7BD8FC47BF3B.jpeg Try this
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  10. jJjburton

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    I was just going to run 2 iu. I guess morning with fasted cardio, would be the plan.
  11. gearwolf

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    that's a really handy graphic, thanks! for what purpose would you recommend going up to 4iu over 2-3iu, as the latter is what I find commonly mentioned for recovery/quality of life benefits.
  12. Up to for 4 and above for more than just fat burning and other beneficial low dose benefits. I am new to the hgh scene but have read a lot and I would suggest the same and ask lots of questions. I plan to run low dose after my blast year round. I just outright bought a year supply for my wife and I. She runs at 1.4iu.
  13. mands

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    I'm really surprised she doesn't run it higher. Women do not convert exogenous GH to igf-1 as well as men do. Usually take them a little more to see a huge difference.

    Does she have baseline before and after?

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  14. No baselines. It was pretty hard to get her comfortable with being on and she has controlled her dose to this point. I’d like to see her get to at least 2iu. She has been on 6 weeks and is whiny that it isn’t doing anything and isn’t going to. She is a bit of a headache about it. I mix it and put them in the fridge so all she has to do is pin. What dose you suggest? To be honest I’ll probably making her next 2 week setup at 1iu and see if she says anything. She trusts me and didn’t say anything when I bumped her .4iu daily. Baby steps with her.
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  15. mands

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    It's really hard to say without knowing what her igf-1 levels are currently. I would definitely not take less than 2 iu's if I was a women.

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  16. I edited that last post I’ll probably bump her to 2. I had my baselines she isn’t like me though.
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  17. mands

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    I would suggest getting blood work on her igf-1 levels and see where she's at. Try Private MD labs. It's inexpensive and worth it.

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  18. Wunderpus

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    Watch your BG over 3iu. It may be counterproductive w/o metformin/berberine and/or insulin.
  19. I use Metformin and t3/T4 myself.
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  20. Wunderpus

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    Based on bloods or feel?
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