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    Hello Meso Members, some of you may know me, other's not. I've been around for quite sometime, from the days of finafreak, einstein 1905, graybass, Phreezer, TheSpectre and many other knowledgeable members.

    I have no ownership in GMP(HGH) facility, zero stock in one, nor am I claiming to do so. After much thought and consideration I have decided to openly source here on Meso. I know that I will need to build my credibility, trust-worthiness and have every intention of doing so.

    I am offering 10*10iu=100iu HGH kits from a GMP facility for an introductory price of $115, USA-domestic only, nothing else. I will offer 100% store credit to the first 5 people who post lab-work. I'm also open to sending in a sample of my HGH anonymously by a customer.

    Form of payment is by bitcoin only. Member security as well as mine is of the utmost importance, reason I utilize various forms of anonymity

    Orders paid and cleared by 5pm central time will ship within 48 hours-working days. Parcels will be discreet, well packaged and tracking number will be provided. After package has been delivered please email me so that I can delete all correspondence.

    Many frown upon pictures of domestic inventory so I will take picture of a portion of my domestic inventory and for verification purposes.

    I am aware of the questioning process here at Meso to say it in a polite way, of any and all sources and I am no exception to this. I will let my customer service and HGH quality speak for itself.

    In short summary I am offering 100iu GMP HGH for $115(introductory price), USA domestic only. International to USA delivery might be available in the near future for certain zip codes. Shipping is a flat $15. I have uploaded a few pictures which should answer several questions including a close-up of the pucks.


    Fermentation.jpg Purification.jpg Centrifuge.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 1.jpg 4.jpg
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    Mmkay, 2004 looks good

    Hplcs r hard af to read

    Dimmer content?
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  4. Wood4days

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    Hmmm I maybe interested.

    Was planning to purchase more HGH this spring but since you offer domestic for $115 100iu I might give you a try.
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    So its another chinese generic wow. Great stuff I'm sure.
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    For 115 domestic?
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    Is this fucking real? $115 a Kit? Are these Alibaba Kits? Any Vets here know this Cat? God Damn 2004? @opti tell us WTF makes you think you should be Trusted? How many years have you been stockpiling those Kits? There are other Legitimate Generics that give big discounts, like when you grab 3 kits the price is about $80 a kit. No Testing or anything done on These? No Serum or IGF done?
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    Hey @opti , I've seen you around the HGH forum, seem like a knowledgeable dude. By keeping your old handle it really shows transparency and confidence in your product. I'll hit you up and get a serum test done.
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    What!? $80 kit if you buy 3? I’ve never seen that.

    DM me. I would be interested in that deal
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    Not Domestic. TP international, more you order, cheaper the Kits get. At 115 a kit that would be the same, if not a lil more than TP Domestic GH depending which 1 you go with.
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    Good to see one of the old MFkin handles around @opti . I rem phreezer way back in the day when this board was mesomorphosis. Good on you for not hiding behind a new handle.
    Put me down for a kit brotha I’d like to run an igf Test on these bad boys. Btw them pucks look purdy
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    My apologies, got a little carried away with asking them to crumble up the sheets of paper then straighten them out. This should be more legible.

    HGH Sample.jpg Ref Sample.jpg
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    Do they get cheaper if you order more than 1 kit?
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    That is correct. This is an introductory price.

    As I mentioned above, $115 is an introductory price. So yes, this is real. These are GMP HGH kits and after reading the Alibaba HGH thread I seriously doubt these can be found on there. I am not going to piggy back ride on anyone's shoulders so I will bluntly say no. I will let results speak for themselves.

    Thanks @Shyster. That's the main reason why I stayed with my original forum name and not create an alias.
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    What's up @penche, hope you're doing well bud. Thanks, I believe full transparency is best on my part as I'm not here to hoax anyone.

    This is the best I can do for now @Wood4days.
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    LoL WTF they do sell HGH on alibaba

    Is that even real? Now I’m wondering all those kits I’ve been buying over seas are they from alibaba?

    Makes me wonder now.
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    I’ve never ordered from Alibaba. There is a thread here on it. Supposedly there are a couple Legitimate Suppliers. I’ll pass thou. I don’t want to clog this mans thread up. I’m seriously thinking on grabbing a Kit.
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    It would be awesome to have a GH domestic source here. Definitely looking forward to pulling some bloods on your kits @opti
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    We already have domestic sources here
  20. Evom1

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    With proven testing from multiple people across multiple boards
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