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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by opti, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. Mighty-mouse

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    So just to update y’all been on 2.5 pinned 2 times a day.

    Noticeable more tightness in fingers and continuing lethargic feeling than the 5iu pinned once daily

    Have noticed less water weight. Was going to pull bloods today but they closed at 1130am. Noticed more pain in joints all over body. Started taking 800 ibuprofen to help. A little more vascularity in arms for sure.
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  2. Mighty-mouse

    Mighty-mouse Member

    Hope everyone had a great Independence Day!! I celebrated and took my family out to a concert fireworks then back home to pop some in the back yard! 584073710.187128public.jpg
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  3. Kim

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    What’s a concert fireworks?
  4. penche

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    That’s what up. Mass monster.
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  5. Mighty-mouse

    Mighty-mouse Member

    Concert and fireworks, that’s my bad
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  6. shafidazeh

    shafidazeh Junior Member

    How is the quality ?
  7. biggerben69

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    Of the fireworks or concert(question mark is jammed up here)
    First post of yours isn't a memorable one. How about an intro....we're big on good manners here....especially in the gh forum on a Saturday.
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  8. Tiredandhot

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    Maybe you should read a little of this hgh thread. You'll see this is a pretty good source, but dont just take my word for it.
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    DOMS4DAYS Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    All the info is here to make your own opinion. Read up Bucko
  10. puckhog

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    Hi everybody. Been a minute. Looking big AF @Mighty-mouse nice job bro.

    Hey @Kim How is the opti run going?

    My wife has been 2iu - 7 days/week for a while now. She is loving them. Her wrists and arms still hurt so I said maybe we should take a break from the GH. Her exact words were “Hell no, I like em!” Haha.
    Its about time for me to re-order.
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  11. Kim

    Kim Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Awesome! Glad to hear about your wife!! I’m really enjoying them. I just ordered some more and now my friends here want some, so I may have to order more again! Did you and your family enjoy the 4th? How’s the @Mac11wildcat training going? Would love some progress pics posted if you have time? :p:D:)
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  12. BIG74

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    There is some theories floating around as to not build up insulin resistance. Hence the 2 days off. I’ve run GH before at just 3 days a week. Doing 6 ius on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I don’t think igf levels drop that quickly, but..... I don’t have blood work to support that statement.

    What I will do in regards to igf test is test on a Monday morning after taking the weekend break, and before the next pin.

    In the past where I scored a 461 was done on the 5 on 2 off method.

    And yes, it does save me some money as well by stretching the product further.
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  13. Tiredandhot

    Tiredandhot Member

    Metformin is supposed to help insulin resistance.

    For everyone interested, reliable rx is having a sale with free shipping if you spend 60. I just bought a ton of metformin for cheap,along with t4. They take credit card at checkout, but actually bill you thru PayPal. So if you have a PayPal, easy.
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  14. Tiredandhot

    Tiredandhot Member

    I'm really running high dose compared to most. I jumped straight to 6iu broken into 3 shots most days, some work days I do 4iu.
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  15. JP1979

    JP1979 Member

    How much T4 do you run with the GH?
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  16. JP1979

    JP1979 Member

    I am 2/2 am/pm. Scheduled IGF test for next week. Not on Opti but want to check my level on this brand.
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  17. Tiredandhot

    Tiredandhot Member

    Don't have yet. Will research to find the proper dose. I bought metformin months ago but forgot t4.
  18. BIG74

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    Thanks for the heads up on the reliable rx site.

    I used to take berberine, not sure if it helped. Typically fasted BG has always been around 90 while on GH. When i hit 75, i get the shakes, i can tell i need to eat.
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  19. taco33150

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    He should change his name to mass-mouse
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  20. taco33150

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    Which mg of metformin to get??