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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by opti, Dec 21, 2018.

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    what do they ask for on the phone call?
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  2. H Ng

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    Opti offers the best service so far in my experience. Keep up the good work
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    They just confirm that you indeed placed the order. Stupid, I know.
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  4. JP1979

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    They didn't ask me anything other than how intended to pay.
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  5. Fecalhead

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    Hello everyone who’s been here since the beginning and all you new Opti fans.
    Here we go again for me. I have to have another surgery. I tore my left rotator cuff bad!!!!! Real bad!!! I fell 5 weeks after my neck fusion c-4 to c-6. The surgery literally healed 40% faster from the Optis.
    My Nero surgeon was shocked how fast my neck fused. I remember him looking shocked and confused why my neck was almost 100% in such a short time.
    I just ordered another 10 kits from our friend, to help with my upcoming shoulder surgery. I didn’t do a baseline last time but I will next week. The good thing is I live in Mexico now and I can literally just walk into a lab and get bloods right then and there.
    Love Mexico!!! No fucking referrals or online doc shit and pay a extra $60 plus dollars for a referral.
    The last time I had my blood drawn on Optis my igf-1 was 476 1 month in. I was taking roughly 2.5 iu a day. Oh yea we didn’t know they were 12 iu kits back then. So I was actually taking a little more.
    This time it will be interesting to get a base to see where I’m at and to share with the community. I’ll be posting soon.
    Glad too see everyone still here.
    Have a good day friends
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  6. Kim

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    Thank you for sharing! :) Good luck with your surgery! Sounds like it’ll be no problem!
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  7. BIG74

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    Just started my wife on em, 2 ius a day. Had her on GH before, at 54 I think it’s just a good anti aging protocol. Will be going for fat loss here so trying to pin fasted in the morning followed by a lil cardio.
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  8. BlownStrength

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    Pulling blood next week. Planning on taking my regular morning dose of 2 ius fasted then pull with in two hours. I take 6 per day. 4 before bed and 2 in the am. Any advice will be helpful. Thanks in advance.
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  9. Tiredandhot

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    Serum or IGF test?
  10. Snipe_HNIC

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    Looking forward to seeing the test results. Just GH or do you take slin as well?
  11. BlownStrength

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    GH no slin.
  12. BlownStrength

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  13. Tiredandhot

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    Ok, think it's best to be on his hgh for at least 2 to 3 weeks before igf1. Can't remember where I read that. Think 3 hours after IM injection is best for serum.
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  14. BlownStrength

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    I have been on it steadily for about a month and a half. My levels should be even by now.
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  15. Tiredandhot

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    Please post results. I'm down one kit, just opened my last one. I want to get more but can't sell my other sources hgh on a website I'm on. Which sucks because I was gonna use it to buy more opti.
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  16. BIG74

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  17. Savagesteve

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    Jump on eBay. I got 60ml of pharma hospira bac water for like $25 shipped.
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  18. Snipe_HNIC

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    Been using mountainside medical for awhile they are great.
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  19. bolder

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    It costs pennies to make your own bac water! Crazy easy too!
    Just sayin... :)
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