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    I believe the BA is more useful if the vial sits for awhile after reconstituted (in the fridge). It keeps bacteria from growing inside the vial.

    I would think that sterile water would be fine by itself if it was used as soon as the hgh was reconstituted. (One time use) or maybe even a day or two after as well.
    I wouldn’t let it sit for a week or longer without BA. But that’s just my personal beliefs.

    In short, if you run a vial every couple of days then I’d think sterile water alone is fine. If you run a vial a week I’d use bac water, just to be safe....
    generally speaking.

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  2. bolder

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    I believe @opti tagged you in reference to progress pics!!
    Feel free to post those in this thread!
    Let’s see that progress girl!! o_O

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    Thank you very much for your feedback @H Ng, your words are appreciated.

    @Fecalhead I am truly sorry to hear about your rotator cuff. I hope your surgery goes well and have a speedy recovery this go-around as well. Looking forward to reading up on your progress and your igf results. Keep us posted.

    @BIG74 what other Somatropins has your wife used in the past? Looking forward to reading up on her progress and see how she ranks my Optis.

    @BlownStrength I believe you have been on a consistent daily dose for a few weeks correct? If that is the case and you are testing your igf levels then there is no window(hr +/-) which to shoot for. Your igf levels should be elevated and consistent. Just take your am dose like you normally would and go get your bloods pulled for your igf levels. When testing for HGH Serum then many including myself try to shoot for a 2-3hr post 10iu injection.

    Thank you very much for your feedback @Tmisatix. Continue to keep us posted if you do not mind? Continue to enjoy the benefits of my Optis.

    LOL, which do you recommend @Mighty-mouse......silver, anejo, reposado, etc etc?????
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    I agree but a vial never last more than 2 days for me
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    Superfast t/a, 2 pucks down already, feeling slight hand tendon/ knuckle pump haha. I was off for about 2 months after a year straight on pfizer and mauve tops. Looking forward to these.
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    Anabolic's Anonymous or aa for short. Even with all the smack people talk about him he’s a solid source.
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    He is. He is who I ordered my last bac water from. He’s a good guy.
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    Same here. Since my wife is on it 2 days max
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    So I bought some untested generics before I found Meso, they are green tops. My IGF came back at 229. To be fair, I was running 3.3 for part then bumped to 4iu split for the remainder of the kit... Disappointed in the test but ehhh. What can you do, they are already paid for... I know where I'm going next...

    I was previously using EUtropin and it was 507 at week 5 on 2.5iu. I ran 3 kits then switched to these green tops. Also I don't know if it affects igf but I was mid cycle when I tested these and just TRT when I tested the greens.
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    They were meditrope blacks (from The Provider), while i held a bunch of water, she didn't. She didn't experience much from em, lack of injecting frquency, poor diet.

    This time on yours the experience will have to be put on hold, she ended up in hospital requiring surgery due to small intestine issue.

    I'm reconstituting em as if 10 ius, and pinning daily at 3, 3, 4 so a vial is lasting me three days total. Was hoping to use pre breakfast and do fasted cardio, not happening. So.... pinning pre gym, along with 5 ius Humalog thrown in here and there.
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    Everything he sells is exactly as advertised. I’ve chatted with him a few times about other stuff. He’s been around the world a little.
    Solid dude! IMO
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    I agree! I buy from him, tgi, Stanford, The Pharmacist, and opti. All awesome!
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    Cream of the crop.
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    Thank you so much brother! My mom opened it and said to tell you thanks as well. I’ll get baseline bloods at the end of the week when I’m back in Mexico and post ASAP!

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    We lived in So San Francisco where genetech is. She remembers her friend asking her to invest 50k back in the 80s. Her friend said there’s this company that’s making this stuff that will make MIdget’s grow.
    She literally just kicked herself in the ass again tonight!!!! lol
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    Uncle worked for Genentech back in the day. I had some stock with them before they went private. I think it split 5 times while I had it
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  17. Fecalhead

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    My mom would of had millions on millions. I remember being a kid and her talking about how she should of trusted her friend.
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    I’m living proof it won’t make midgets grow. It’s a lie I tell!
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    Sure will opti
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    Hey guys , I got my bac water from epeptide supply and it was only 10$
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