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  1. Mighty-mouse

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    Ok fellas and @Kim here is my first blood pull on split dosing 2.5 am and 2.5 pm this is only week 2 and 1st blood pull on this protocol but it blew the 5iu am pin schedule out the god damn water.

    I feel like I’m growing faster and getting thicker too 210.9 today and I am not following a strict diet. Had Mexican food last night and about to go eat some wings. I do eat a shit ton though and spend a good 2 hrs a day on the toliet thanks to the fiber pills.

    But here is the results and current pics. I added a tanning on the pics cause I’m white as shit with a sun burn.

    585086449.608136public.jpg 585086477.024398public.jpg 585086465.346481public.jpg 585086502.318510public.jpg 585086471.065875public.jpg
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  2. Snipe_HNIC

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    Thanks for the post!
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  3. Kim

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    Wow you’re humongous! Way to go!
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  4. JP1979

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    Did you have labs showing low T4? Curious how that has changed anything for you, I had my first set of labs on gH also pull Thyroid panel my TSH was not high but not mid range and my T4 was low. I ordered some T4 but curious how you decided on the dosage and what has been the outcome from adding it vs not
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  5. Mighty-mouse

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    I always take T4 dosing over 2iu a day. My T4 levels are within range at that dose. I was on 150mcg on my 5iu am schedule but lowered. I will be doing a full body panel next week to check everything and will adjust accordingly. I have all my bloodwork in the hgh section on meso. I pull almost every week.
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    @Mighty-mouse don’t know if you stated before but are you reconstituting as 12ius per vial?
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    Awesome. I will check it out, thanks
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    No sir I reconstruct all my vials regardless who the vendor is from at 10iu so I can compare to pharma
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    Gotcha appreciate that.
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  10. Fecalhead

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    I’m guessing by your name you’re not that tall?
    So my super high IQ says the shorter you are the higher the igf-1 score when in hgh?????
    Just joking!!!!!!!Holy shit that is through the roof!!!!!
    Good job brother!!!!!!
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  11. Mighty-mouse

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    I’m short as shit bro!! 5’4” but there could be some truth in the igf being high lol
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  13. Tmisatix

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    You look incredible , bro. time to get on stage!!! Don’t need blood test to see how the gh is changing you
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    Awesome contribution to the community @Mighty-mouse thank you brotha for posting those panels
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    God damn bro! Lookin thicker than a snicker!!
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    Dam! So split dosing may be the way to go.
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    DOMS4DAYS Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Awesome brother, thanks for doing this and looking good. I’m eod dosing at the moment, your testing has me interested. Once doses get a little higher I will probably go to ed dosing. I know you said you noticed some increased sides with this dosing, think you said tighter hands, and more achy muscles/joints but less water retention. Is that still accurate? How’s lethargy? I’ve noticed way less lethargy so far on the opritropins than black tops.
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  18. mands

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    So he is actually running over 6 iu's a day not 5 iu's.

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  19. Mighty-mouse

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    Yes the tightness in fingers is greater now at split dosing. I however notice more of a lethargic effect than the black tops.
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  20. Mighty-mouse

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    This is true going by what W&M said was in vial. But I reconstruct every sources with 1ml. I don’t mean to mislead anybody.
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