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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by opti, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. Snipe_HNIC

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    Wishing a speedy recovery for you!
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  2. kdq99

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    @opti I've email you twice over the past 2 days... you around?
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  3. Tiredandhot

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    He's usually lightning fast on email and not on here as much. Must be away for a few days, not sure. Make sure you're emailing from a proton account.
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  4. opti

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    @kdq99 I am here bud, please check your email.
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  5. BIG74

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    Thank you. All went well, she is home finally, was released on Friday afternoon. You bet i been catering to her, trying to make life as easy as possible.
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    Here is my wife’s thread @opti and anybody else who wants to take a peek. Thanks for the suggestion @Kim
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  7. taco33150

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    Shit dude..
    I need to get on your cycle.. how you like the t4???
    Bout to hit 40 in 30 days..
  8. Mighty-mouse

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    At 100mcg my T4 levels stay in check and in range at the dose I am running.
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  9. taco33150

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  10. Mighty-mouse

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    Just been on 125mg every 3 days for the past few years
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  11. B Ware

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    T/A was super fast and communication was top notch.

    I'm a long time gear head who's never ventured over to the gh side until now. I had so many questions as its not quite as simple as using aas and needs to be taken more serious. I ended up reading this thread within a few days and I'm glad I did. Almost everything I needed to know was within theses pages. I'm thankful for all the shared knowledge and experiences.
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  12. Kim

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    Another 2 day TA. You rock Opti man!!
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  13. Logan44551

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    @opti can you post up current pricing. I know you had an introductory price that was change, but am looking for a spoon rather that reading a bunch. I'm on vacation and will be either placing an order with you when I get back or the normal guy
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  14. Snipe_HNIC

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    He has an auto reply list when you email him. Just a heads up
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  15. opti

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    @B Ware and @Kim thank you very much for sharing your
    feedback. Enjoy the Optis and keep us posted on your progress. Have a great day.

    @Logan44551 below is my updated price list. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email.

    Optiropin's are 120iu kits:

    1 kit - $160 $1.33/iu
    2 - 5 kits - $150/ea $1.25/iu
    6 - 9 kits - $145/ea $1.20iu
    10+ kits - $140/ea $1.16/iu
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  16. Tiredandhot

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    It looks like you might have lowered your prices. Which is good because the HGH world is very competitive right now. I love your optis and there are also other good hgh available too. I hope to keep going with you...
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  17. BlownStrength

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    8C80F00A-5109-4B08-A70C-4B17D0BF2198.jpeg C6A5EE70-4113-4730-AE6E-3BDDD5773A9C.jpeg
    Here is my blood report. It’s interesting that my doctor asked for igf1 but the lab is showing the range only. Hopefully someone can chime in and help me read it lol. I haven’t gone over with my doc yet. But his note to the office is definitely apparent DECREASE TEST!!
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  18. Savagesteve

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    Info isn’t all blacked out in the second pic.

    Edit* I’d black out all the Info at the top And the specimen Info
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  19. Mighty-mouse

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    I didn’t see any IGF numbers on it. I would donate blood, it’s not that high but it is above range. You can pull igf for 63 dollars from privatemedlabs but I think they only use labcorp for pulling the blood
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  20. BlownStrength

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    Good info. Labcorp is also a preferred lab from my insurance. I highly doubt my insurance will pay for my blood again this soon.
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