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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by opti, Dec 21, 2018.

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    Definitely interested in this as well!!
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    Ok I will stop taking the T4 tomorrow for the greater good of bro science next blood test is 11 days it will be a full body panel
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    I believe but correct me if I’m wrong... @B Ware was referring to this post by @mands in the BNG thread if you hadn’t got around to reading it bro...

    I’ve never used t3 or t4... but always interested in learning as much as I can!

    Appreciate the commitment to all the testing MM!! :)
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  4. Snipe_HNIC

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    Very noble of you, how much t4 were you taking?
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  5. Mighty-mouse

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    Stepped down to 100mcg in the morning
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  6. B Ware

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    Yeah I saw where @mands mentioned today in the BNGgrowth thread that the thyroid bounces back after a few weeks of using hgh. I’ve also read where he has mentioned it before. I forget where. The other day I spent a few days reading everything I could in the HGH section. I made it to page 35 before my brain exploded.

    I’m very interested to know more as well. Messing with my thyroid is a bit concerning. I have questions such as... does taking T4 shut down the thyroid and make the thyroid dependent on drugs, like aas shut us down and make the body dependent on aas ? Or does taking T4 simply just aid the thyroid by adding a bit? I don’t really want to shut down my thyroid but wouldn’t mind aiding it a bit.

    I may be totally out of the ball park asking this and I may just be complicating this but as I’ve gotten older I am health conscious. That’s why I’m always pulling bloods. Weird, considering I was once a hardcore drug addict. Just hit 8 years sobriety!

    @Mighty-mouse your next test will answer so many questions. Thanks bud!
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  7. bolder

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    Congratulations on this achievement man!! :cool:

    I’m around the same amount of time clean from pills/drugs as well! Jan will be 8 yrs for me if I’m not mistaken. :)

    The person I was is nothing like the person I am today!
    Sometimes it just takes us aging to realize how important and fragile our life really is!
    Now I find myself caring about stuff a little too much probably lol. Indeed crazy! Definitely better lifestyle though... ;)
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  8. Snipe_HNIC

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    Awesome shot guys! 5 years for me
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  9. Mighty-mouse

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    Congrats on the sobriety!!! Takes a strong person to quit anything addictive.

    I’m about to hit 35 and also am health conscience and want to be around a while to see my kids grow up and become successful at what they choose.

    One reason why I haven’t stepped over 275mg-300mg of test/week in the past 3 years.
  10. bolder

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    Wait until your kids have you some grandkids!!! Totally different ballgame ;)
    Then you’ll also want to be around to see them grow up and change the world!!
    It’s absolutely fuckin awesome! :)
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  11. Snipe_HNIC

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    Also found this combing the internet,
    Changes in thyroid hormone levels during growth hormone therapy in initially euthyroid patients: lack of need for thyroxine supplementation. - PubMed - NCBI

    “ By 1 month, there were significant decreases in T4, free T4 index, and rT3, and significant increases in T3 and the T3/T4 ratio. The changes from baseline values were greatest at 1 month, were almost universal for all thyroid values, and showed a gradual return to baseline from 3-12 months.”
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  12. Mighty-mouse

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    I don’t want to even think of the day!!! Not yet at least. I can only imagine by the smile on my dads face every time he sees my kids.


    They are only small for so long got to cherish that as long as I possibly can
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  13. Posted about my experience in BNG
    pure bro science, but hopefully Mands will respond with some real knowledge.

    Mostly just posting to say congratulations on the sobriety

    I'm 5 years drug free now.

    Good on you bro
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  14. mands

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    Your thyroid levels will return to your normal level after discontinuing use. How long I would say a few weeks.
    This is a good study and deals with euthyroid patinets(low level thyroids). If you click on the full text you get more info than the abstract.

    For instance, "Individual changes in T4 are shown in Fig. 1. No patient had any clinical indication of hypothyroidism, and all remained without T4 supplementation for the year of the study. One T4 value was below the normal range: 57 nmol/L after 3 months of GH therapy (normal adult range, 64–154 nmol/L)."

    I believe where all the t4 supplement started while running GH is that it was supposed maximize the anabolic effect when converted. The first month your t4 in normal patients can decrease like an average of 8%. After that first month you decrease in t4 will start to return to baseline.

    Have I used it with GH? Yes I have and actually thought it helped with my sleepiness the first month of running GH. I do not run it anymore as I don't think it's warranted.

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  15. B Ware

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    What’s everyone’s opinion on ordering hgh this time of year? I live in a very hot place and am concerned about degrading. Luckily Opti is super quick with his T/A but that’s still 2-3 days the package is exposed to the heat.

    It has me wondering if my igf numbers would be higher if I waited to the fall to order.

    I’ve read where some say don’t order during the summer months and I’ve also read where some say it doesn’t really matter.
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  16. mands

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    You will be fine ordering. HGH is much more resistant than most presume.

  17. Jn2k2

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    Follow up question. How long will GH stay "good" in the fridge before reconstitution in it's powder state? Thank you for any replies
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  18. mands

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    I believe most the pharm grade GH has a 6 month expatriation date. Obviously it's longer than that.

    You would be fine at a year in the fridge or left out at room temperature non-reconstituted.

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  19. Jn2k2

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    Thanks brother!
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    What do you think is a good split dose for a man (40yrs old) who wants to put more size on?? I’m doing 4 ius .. 2 in the am or if I wake up to piss and another 2iu 6pm, 600mg of test e ..I added 100mcg if T4 this week.. I’m using project matador AD and I also have metformin I plan on using instead of the matador when I run out..I’m on the fence of using insulin..but rather not
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