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    Ahh that’s what I get for not naming all the names! haha Opti had said Kim had relayed the message...but hey were all quasi family here in this thread by now
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    Ha. Yea man, I am a believer in making sure people get credit for their efforts. If ya name one, you should name them all. Its all good. Glad you and opti connected.
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    You hear from @opti?
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    Another TD from opti. Great service and communication as always. He even messaged me to let me know my pack arrived day of. 2 day TA.
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    Sure did - and thanks to all
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    I get what he is saying. I had contacted Opti and told him that he has a customer wanting to talk to him. Sometimes Opti doesn't get all the alerts, so I was the alert this time. :)
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    You brown noser!!!
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    @B Ware, @Savagesteve, @BlownStrength, @Rockclimber, @murray312, @Thegreek, @Brolic626, and @kdq99...........gentlemen, thank you very much for the kind words and most importantly your honest feedback.

    It means a great deal to me that you all are satisfied with both my communication and turnaround. I'm sure you have/will be equally pleased with my Optis. Please keep us posted on your progress.
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    @Thegreek, your math is correct. I use an insulin syringe to add bacteriostatic water to the Somatropin vial so I will be speaking in units/insulin syringe.

    If you add 100 units or 1mL of bacteriostatic water, every 10units on your insulin syringe is 1.2IUs of Somatropin.

    10 units - 1.2IUs of Somatropin
    20 units - 2.4IUs of Somatropin
    30 units - 3.6IUs of Somatropin
    40 units - 4.8IUs of Somatropin
    50 units - 6.0IUs of Somatropin
    etc, etc...

    If you want every 10 units on your insulin syringe to equal 1IU of Somatropin then add 120 units or 1.2mL of bacteriostatic water from the start.

    What I normally do is add 80 units of bacteriostatic water and split it into 4 equal shots. Each shot consists of 20 units which equals 3iu of Somatropin.

    I hope the above explanation has been of some help.
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    @T-Bagger, thank you very much for sharing your experience with me. I am also thankful that you did not take it personally the additional security steps that I decided to take to justify the means. It could have definitely been an ugly situation but in the end all turned out well.
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    You did great man, and I’m thankful!
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    I'm gonna do the 80 unit reconstitution I didn't even think about it. I wanna up my dose. Thanks for that.
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    Sounds like opti blows muave /black tops out of the water on paper.
    Has anyone run both?
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    The mauve tp right? I have and opti indeed soars higher.
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    So I've been reading a lot of these comments and prior to pulling the trigger wanted to know about sides and why opti's GH would (based on what I'm reading), seem to trigger more sides if it is that close to pharma-grade? I run 4IUs daily of the mauves with no noticeable sides. I get a little worried that I'll have to run half and maybe not get the same results, but will ask the experts. TIA - and thank you @opti btw for your quick responses to emails. Definitely seems like you are great to work with.
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    You're welcome @T-Bagger. In the end, all turned out well.

    @murray312, glad my post could be of some help to you.

    You're welcome and thank you for the kind words @beachathlete. Sides are on a case by case basis-individually, but I will let members who have used my Optis and other Somatropins share their experience.
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    I got terrible sides. My sleep and even my lifts suffered. It was my own doing though. I started at 4iu. As far as I know I’m one of the few that has gotten sides from Optis. About a week ago I started taking B6 and it is helping with my cts while also combating prolactin which is much needed since I’m currently running tren and Deca.

    I wouldn’t be worried about sides if I were you. Like others have mentioned, some get sides but most don’t. Just start low and ease your way up to desired dose.

    If you’re handling mauves fine then you’ll be fine. Optis have 0 dimmer where mauves have dimmer and I’m told
    that has a lot to do with sides as well.
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