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    Your over thinking it. If the vial is 12iu do 1.2 ml each .1 or ten ticks on a insulin syringe would be 1 iu. It it was 10 iu per vial it would be 1ml and each ten ticks would be 1iu. If it was 20iu per vial 2 ml would make every ten ticks 1 iu
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    Opti’s are 12 iu per vile.Put in 1.2 ml of bac water then for every .10 ml on an insulin syringe it is 1 iu of HGH.
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    No one answer any more of this guys questions, I'm thinking he's trolling us. How did he even come up with 2mg vial?
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    cjc dac is 2mg per vial, no im not trolling
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    cjc dac is not HGH either
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    Honestly can’t say it enough but this guy is good, going back n forth a few weeks asking questions, working with me and my situation, always answers quick and goes out of his way to help. Product speaks for itself but as of now he’s definitely one of the better ones out there.
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    Agreed, with the black Friday sale he has earned my business.
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    lol. He’s got my money, I mean how could you not
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    Are they affiliated with you or is it a scammer?
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    Edit never mind I found the answer. I havent been around in a while.
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    Cant say you've been missed.
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    Sorry. I dont remember you. Or even care to.
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    do you guys always use bac water when mixing your hgh? I don't know if it's the specific brand hilma biocare hgh but when I use bac water I always get red lumps, but if I use sterile water I don't get lumps, I also read on the manual it's okay to use sterile water as long as you use vial within 72 hours? Can anyone confirm or reply if they also experienced this type of reaction
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    I only use sterile water. Been doing so for a long long time now
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    Nice, I'm glad i'm not the only one, I know my HGH is legit but for some reason bac water with hgh leaves me red welts but sterile water and hgh leaves no irritation.
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    I’ve only used bac water and have ran 2 different sources gh. Opti’s hasn’t given me any red welts from day 1 and I’m on my 2nd kit. The other source I was running was hit or miss on the red welts and it wasn’t dictated by vial and it was the same 30ml vial of bac water used each time. Was weird af but besides irritation I was still fine.
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    My igf-1 results using 5 iu AM and 5 iu PM along with mk-677 20 mg AM and 20 mg PM along with 1050 mg a week of deca durabolin and 30 IU of lantus daily, does using deca lower IGF-1 results? Not sure if hilma biocare hgh is really weak / underdosed or my liver doesn't convert to igf-1 that well. I plan to run a couple more IGF-1 tests in the coming months when i'm not blasting that way we can get a more true accurate IGF-1 reading.

    I was using Hilma Biocare Somatropin and also running a deca only cycle.

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    Yes 19-nor’s will lower igf numbers. What was your baseline?
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    Also what’s your stats? Any progress pics? How much test are you on? Shit ton of deca
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    I have gotten tests igf-1 tests before my baseline is between 170-190 I got slightly different reading on 2 IGF-1 testings prior.