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    I think everyone body / liver converts igf-1 at a very different rate I mean if people are saying 20 mg of mk-677 is around 2 IU, my igf-1 levels goes up by like 100 on 20 mg of mk-677 and if i take 40 mg it goes up to 140 only. I will be testing Opti hgh in the near future, hopefully my numbers are that insane too.
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    I’ve tried about 4 brands and 2 things were similar. The 2 without labels were close in numbers and the 2 with labels were close in numbers. That being said the situation on the “no labels” was identical.... just coming off /ending cycle vs the labels, I was on TRT only

    So I agree, it’s very individual but also situationally dependent. I have also ordered some MK to test in the future, so we will see how that goes at that time.
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    Are you still running Opti’s or did you switch to Pharma?
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    Took a break on the 5iu so running optis at a lower dose for a while before running 5iu pharma
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    And another quick TA from @opti Thanks buddy!
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    Wonder if there is a huge diff in numbers for 5iu of Optis and 5 iu of Pharma
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    I just started on the Opti’s 2 weeks ago.2 IU before bed.I want to work up to 4IU per day,2 am and 2 pm.So far so good.I look forward to your comparison between Opti’s and Pharma.Thanks for all your info
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    Remember I’m treating these vials as 10 iu just something I always do when testing different products
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    What brand of Pharma HGH are you gonna use next?
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    Looking like it will be Omnitrope for this test when I jump on em
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    Are you gonna run the Omnitropes for as long as you ran the opti’s for comparison?
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    Thanks for another one Opti... Great service and communication. Always a pleasure. Great guy, he doesn't get upset when I order and don't check my email for 4 days and then ask him if his info has changed... Lol.
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    He’s very relaxed and patient. But quick on the amazon deliveries!
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    No just for 5-6 weeks long enough to compare igf numbers
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    Looking forward to the results.Always wondered how good generic stacked up against Pharma
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    Is this China banned gonna affect you @opti
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    I was wondering the same as I’ve read that hgh is on the ban list.
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    OptimusPrime, that’s what comes to mind when the shit hits the mailbox in 2days. Unbelievably quick. Thanks again
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    2 day TA, amazing speed. Communication always top notch.
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