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  1. I don’t think he sends tracking numbers....

    I placed an order he got back to me almost immediately.
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  2. pfdept59

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    My last order with Opti only took 3 or 4 days for delivery,not enough time to worry about tracking.Be patient it will come,he has a stellar reputation around here
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  3. Brotato

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    are you only domestic USA or INT too? into says you were considering INT to certain area codes later?
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  4. Toni72

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    Can you confirm that the opti seller for Europe is good? Thank you
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  5. JP1979

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    Labs pulled..... should see what’s up later this week! 4iu split
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  6. jackmeoff1

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    Very unusual . Keep us updated. I’m curious to see how this China ban shakes out
  7. opti

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    This guy?! As in me, Opti? Their is no way you have been waiting 5 business days for a package from me. Care to shed some light regarding this? You can do it here or privately.
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  8. Chips

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    I highly doubt it as well I have done two orders with opti now, the latest literally on thanksgiving he was working and it was in my hands before that following Tuesday after thanksgiving. That’s service! Thanks man
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  9. opti

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    Thank you very much gentlemen for your feedback regarding my communication and T/A! My apologies for being a little absent from Meso lately as my focus has been providing superb customer service, I hope you all understand. Once things settle a bit I will be more active.
  10. opti

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    Thank you very much for the kind words. I hope I was able to answer all your questions/concerns.

    I'm currently still shipping batch #2, reason why I have not posted results for the latest batch #3, yet. I was able to squeeze in a test with @Weights & Measures before he decided to take a leave of absence. It came back at 12.3iu, I'll go ahead and post the HPLC report and make you all aware once they start to ship.

    @taco33150 & @bolder, I think we will all be affected to a certain point though I'm taking certain measures for it not to have a negative impact on my inventory. Shipping from our dear acquaintances will come to a halt or decrease significantly so that is where I have to make the best chess move for all of us.

    The majority of my handling is domestic and that's where I believe my customer service is superior to others. I can offer INT as well but with everything that is going on I will have to look into my options for the New Year.

    @Mr.pedsource does carry Opti somatropin kits.
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  11. nealcaffrey16

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    well my labs came back (I'm on 0 anything but TRT). I just turned 36. IGF 122 and Serum GH <0.1 LMAO. Time for some Opti!
  12. mr_meanor

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    I've been a using gh for over a decade. I bought from every source you can name, and Opti is my go to. He is professional, very quick to respond and shipping rivals Amazon. Oh and did I mention I have multiple labs that verify his shit is legit af.
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  13. Brotato

    Brotato Member

    thanks for response, sent email
  14. slyfox115

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    I wanted to start by saying Opti's communication has always been spot on and in no way am I questioning the quality of anything, I am just asking for opinions.

    I just received my blood work on igf-1 and was going to ask some opinions. I don't have a baseline as to what it was normally. I have been using 2iu's post workout in the AM for about 3 months. 2 hours before the bloodwork I took 2ius then went to the lab. My results came back at 165 ng/mL.

    It's not a super high dose but I was expecting higher or at least high-normal. Have any of you ran a similar dose with similar bloodwork?

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  15. dokdonia

    dokdonia Member

    Just on workout days or AM every day?
  16. slyfox115

    slyfox115 Member

    PWO on days I train so Mon - Friday. The test was on Monday though so I had not taken any Saturday or Sunday except for the Monday morning before the test.
  17. bambam333

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    Kick his ass opti
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  18. JP1979

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    I would retest on a Friday and see what your numbers are.
  19. TNotch347

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    Are you taking anything else? On cycle?
  20. 1slow50

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    Just wanted to thank Opti! I don’t post much just mostly read & learn here. But I got my 2nd order 2 days ago & it only took 3 days!

    Communication is as good as it gets!