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  1. slyfox115

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    I am also taking (weekly):
    500mg Test E
    400mg EQ
    150mg NPP
  2. TNotch347

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    Someone will chime in but I’m pretty sure these can impact your igf score. Especially npp
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  3. slyfox115

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    Thanks for chiming in TN. I will do some digging on this. If NPP does cause this but is being run at the same time as HGH would the fix basically be to up the dose (understanding it will never be as high as it could if NPP was dropped)?
  4. Sdryx

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    Only running 1.4 iu per day on average... What’s wrong with 165 score?
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  5. TNotch347

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    Up the dose is only assuming the hgh isn’t doing it’s job, but it is. And 2iu is more of a wellness maintenance dose, depending on your goals, on cycle I would do at least 3-4.. as a minimum. Wish I knew more why your score was lower than you expected but I definitely know you have a few things going on to hinder it. Let’s see what some of the pros say.
  6. bolder

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    I’ve seen it “said” that for every unit of hgh taken it should raise your scores by roughly 100.
    Something like this...
    1iu - 100
    2iu - 200
    3iu - 300
    4iu - 400

    By the igf-1 results I’ve seen posted this seems fairly accurate.

    Don’t take this as a rule of thumb. I read a lot and pretty sure I’ve read this somewhere. Just can’t recall where?

    @slyfox115 , as @Sdryx said, you are running 1.4ius on average per day so this would also fall into range by what I wrote above.

    I could be totally mistaken though lol. Anyone please feel free to correct me if this is total misinformation!! :D
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  7. slyfox115

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    Unless I was normally low (which I don't know because I didn't test as a baseline) I was just expecting it to be higher. I am not cruising now and want every aspect in my favor to get the most out of this blast.

    A lot of the IGF scores I have seen in this thread have been much higher but I suppose it's been at higher doses too. I am going to try running 20ius and see if that gets me in the higher range.....and by 20 I mean 4 :).

    I do feel overall better on it though so 2iu might be a maintenance dose though so I suppose that info is useful.
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  8. slyfox115

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    So awhile back didn't Opti have a post regarding dosing. I think it said if you want 1iu per 10 units you would put 1.2Ml of water into the 12iu vial. If I did this then 20 units would equal 2iu right? Am I not mathing correctly here? I think @Sdryx said he was running 1.4ius per day but I thought I was running 2ius.
  9. slyfox115

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    Very true....joints feel better and it's not scientific but overall sense of well being is as high as it's been. While the other compounds for sure play a role I have went from 185 to about 215 with i would say about 1-2 lbs of fat gain at this point.

    I think 2ius would be a damn good maintenance dose as long as I get the 2nd job I need to run this forever.
  10. bolder

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    Yes the vials are 12ius and 1.2ml water added it will make it come out as 1iu per 10units.
    You said you were running it 5 days on 2 days off so I assume that @Sdryx was meaning that was your daily 7 day AVERAGE. (I didn’t do the math lol)
    You were doing 2ius every 5 days then off 2 days. For your total 7 day average it puts you at 1.4ius per day.
    That’s how I took it anyway lol.
    Make sense?

    Edit; If you want higher scores on 2ius then don’t skip any days. Do that shit everyday! Lol ;)

    2nd edit; I did the math and what I was thinking above is what @Sdryx was sayin. It’s the daily average of your weekly ius.
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  11. Just wanted to say , I placed my first order with opti late last week and its in my hands today!

    T/A. A+++

    Communication: A+++

    Super easy to deal with, gets back to almost immediately

    Can’t wait to start these in the next couple weeks

    Thanks again opti
  12. Trifive

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    I just placed my first order today with Opti. This guy pretty much responds instantly to emails. I don't know how though!! But It's 12/10 and I'll post arrival date when it shows up.
  13. slyfox115

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    That makes a lot more sense. I am not sure why I couldn’t put that together in my head!
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  14. mtt

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    It's imperative that you establish a baseline first if you want to get a more accurate comparison. I got about a 145 on 3ius on TP's meditropes. But my baseline igf was around 47. Also, keep in mind that everyone processes hgh differently. It's just like Test. Two people taking 250mg/wk may have very similar Total Test but quite different Free Test which is what counts. As you get older your SHGB increases which binds more of your Test and it becomes not as effective as someone with the same Total Test but lower SHGB and therefore has more Free Test doing the real work. If you are older, or drink a lot of alcohol or use rec drugs then your liver isn't going to work as well as someone whose organs are in better shape.

    Also, 2 ius is just a replacement dose and should just put you mid-range. That would be like 150mg/wk of Test.
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  15. slyfox115

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    You make really good points. I should have taken a baseline to compare but just by the your and the other responses I got I don't feel as shocked as when I first saw my results. I will be upping the dose a bit and hopefully retest down the road.
  16. mtt

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    Dose according to the response you want. All is not lost just because you didn't get a natural baseline. You now have a baseline for 2ius so say you double that (and take it everyday your body produces gh every night when you sleep so you want to make each night of recovery count). Then get your igf tested again in about another 6-8 weeks and compare the results.

    This, btw, was how I was able to determine CBL/Chavos gh was bunk. I was at a certain igf level on 3ius of TP's gh and then switched to 5ius of CBL/Chavos for two months and my igf took a dive.
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  17. rambosmurf

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    feeling full on it already, hungry in the morning, 4 iu split...huge water retention in my ankles though, anyone else deal with that? I so how?
  18. Trifive

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    How about any Lethargy? I’m waiting on my opti’s but currently taking Somatex GH 1iu in am and 1iu before bed and experiencing a lot of lethargy. This sucks. HGH is supposed to make you feel better, not want to sleep all day.
  19. Logan44551

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    On average you are as you aren't taking 2iu every day. I wouldn't expect a hight score on a 5 day on 2 day off protocol, especially testing after the 2 days off. I'd run it 7 days a week if I were you.

    Edit: what @bolder said
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  20. Jfox500

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    Placed my second order over Friday evening. Bam showed up yesterday. This guy is great ok communication and T/A.
    I’ve been taking 2.5 daily for 35 days. Feel great no lethargy, I do wake up with numb hands. I will be bumping to 1.5 morning and 1.5 night.
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