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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by opti, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. thisguy33

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    Meant to post last week - only 2 business day T/A after Black Friday order. Thanks Opti, you're the fucking man!!
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  2. B Ware

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    Noob question.... I’ve been on 4iu for 6 months and just came off last night. Am I going to feel like crap or no? I wouldn’t think so but surly I might feel a difference as my igf for the last 6 months has been double my base line?
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  3. bolder

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    There’s no pct needed for Hgh. From my understanding everything goes back to normal within a couple of days.
    I doubt you’ll feel a difference at all.
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  4. TNotch347

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    You’ll be fine, no effect on the endocrine like aas.
  5. Snipe_HNIC

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    Yes nandros will effect igf no articles this is hear say. I had the same issue with low igf levels was running tren at the time still got the effects of the gh. Mine actually was around your levels as well. 4iu daily split 2iu am pm
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  6. Flathead Fred

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    Ran the same as you last year, 4ius daily for 6 months with T, EQ and Var for a portion of it When I dropped the HGH I actually looked better for about a month which I contribute to losing water retention. I gradually ended up looking like where I started in the same time frame only in reverse order. So the journey starts once again but I plan on an 8 month on 4 off at 4 ius a day. Your mileage may vary...
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  7. taco33150

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    I think you can take triptorlen to help your natural growth come back to normal..
  8. rambosmurf

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    I bought 4 kits already,had bact water from last kit left over, anybody recommend good source for bact water?
    thought gpz used to sell it but no more
  9. bolder

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    I make my own bro, easy af to do and cheap!
    I’m sure amazon has it if you’d rather just buy it though.
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  10. Savagesteve

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    Mountainside-medical dot com
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  11. rambosmurf

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    saw sterile on amazon but I thought bact was better...
    thanks bro appreciate it
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  12. bolder

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    IMO, sterile water will be fine if it’s used within a few days...
    Bac water is only better if it’s gonna take longer than a few days to empty the vial. (Sits in the fridge awhile).
  13. Savagesteve

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    eBay used to have it cheap af but for whatever reason they’re not selling bac water on there anymore.
  14. Flathead Fred

    Flathead Fred Member

    Atlantic Medical Supply
  15. Tiredandhot

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    I uses to buy it there. Then Ebay started deleting that along with syringes tho I've seen needles back on there.
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  16. Savagesteve

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    Ya I got my exel syringes with needles on there but seems like I have to tighten the shit out of the luer lock needles when I put my drawing one on there.
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  17. TNotch347

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    epeptidesupply dot com. 10.95 free shipping for 30ml.
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  18. Logan44551

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    Just buy some BA and a bottle of sterile water 100ml on Amazon add .9ml of BA and you've got 100ml of BAC water for like 20 bucks
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  19. TheSpectre

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    Use saline solution.
  20. This was actually recommended to me on another board.

    Is this what you do? Helluva lot cheaper lol