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    I will fuck up this explanation so @opti can handle it instead lol.
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    All I know is bloodwork on hgh is all over the place. Person to person and many many other variables. One thing is always consistant and that is levels are never consistant.
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  3. From a medical point you are partially correct. Any bodily process with a negative feedback will always be affected in some sort of way hence why irresponsible doses of exogenous t4 can cause repression etc. The negative feedback loop for gh has many more steps vs testosterone production so the clear negative feedback isn't as profound. In other words, the more steps required ie. GHRH/TSH etc in this case, the less clear the negative effect feedback. Taking GH in the AM when you're natural productions are higher is a much smarter move. Ideally you would take GH multiple times throughout day but that isn't ideal for everyone.
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    Hello Meso Members, it was one year to date that I initiated this venture. I am very thankful to those who gave my Optis and I the opportunity to prove our character and quality. Thank you all for your continued support.

    I will be running a weekend sale in which my kits will be offered once again at its introductory price of $115.00/kit plus shipping. I have no idea what is going to happen with the upcoming ban but IMO it will not come to a complete halt, more than likely a decline in shipping for sometime.

    Along with my Optis I have a special batch that tested at 17iu/vial which I will also be offering at $155/kit.

    I believe my existing supply of batch #2 will deplete so I will go ahead and post the HPLC report for batch #3. I was able to get this tested by WM prior to him taking a leave of absence.

    The 17iu/vial batch was tested by @janoshik. I was very impressed by not only his professionalism but his t/a.

    Please use the following format for your orders:

    - Place 'Order' on the subject line of your email.
    - Email your order in the following format along with your shipping information.

    1 - 120iu kit - $115
    1 - 170iu kit - $155
    $15 shipping
    $285 Total

    Elf Ozzy
    123 Main St.
    Queens, NY 11365

    Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!

    Opti 12iu page 1.jpg
    Opti 12iu page 2.jpg
    Opti 12iu page 3.jpg
    Opti 17iu.jpg
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    Now that’s a sale! :happy dance: :)
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    :p:):D I’m liking this sale!
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    So how can you tell how pure batch 3 is with W&M report? I can’t read the graph lol. No clue what I’m looking at.
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    Scroll down to 3rd analytical testing report (page 3 of 3). It lays out all the info.
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    Hi Opti,
    The sale is today and tomorrow? What time is it over?Thank you and Merry Christmas,I hope Santa fills my stocking with Optis.HoHoHo
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    No shipping to Canada at all?
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    Still don’t see purity, I see 12.3iu 4.1mg 0.05 dimmer that’s why I wasn’t sure if the graph told ya anything different
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    There’s an opti Canada guy specific - look
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    I have but he wants 350 a kit
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  14. This is an amazing sale man and nice report numbers!!!
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    Didn’t know that, Jesus. That’s extreme just for local. Risk reward at that point.
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    Might as well buy pharma at that price. Not that Optis aren’t just as good.

    Wish I could stock up and ship to you cheaper but I don’t care to be a dealer and with my luck it would get seized
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    I got tps blacks through no problem. Just keep hearing these optis hold less water and I’m only running them m w f 12 iu then norditropin 4 iu on days other than mwf
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    He tagged opti not you. Stay in your own lane. Opti doesn't need any shills. His product and the way he handles HIS business speaks for itself. :rolleyes:
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    So now your stalking me too. And you talk about staying in my own lane? Loser, get a lifeo_O