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    Not on my first vial lol
  2. Oldschool

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    I set an alarm for 2 am to pin. Up at 4 for my morning walk around my neighborhood. First meal of the day at 5 am or so.
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    GH is a pain the ass. I took 4iu for a month and a half and was eating on it because my job wouldn't let me get around that. Now I'm injecting fasted in the morning and ive had insane pumps the last couple of days, but I did just switch tren also, but i feel like its all good tren that I've been taking and that it's the GH thats causing the pumps. i wasn't getting them nearly as much before when I was eating on it.
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    That’s a unique workout split. Unique to me anyway. That’s all compound movements.
    So I’m assuming your goal here is for strength and mass?

    When I first got into this shit I was introduced to the bro split. It’s been hard for me to stray away from it. When I do it’s usually the push, pull, legs split.

    I’ve tried the eod hgh pinning. Didn’t care for it, only because my mind was telling me I should do it ed or at least 5 on 2 off lol. :oops:
    Experimenting is what makes all this shit so fun. Plus that’s how you find out what methods work best for you.

    Mast is one of my favorite compounds. I usually run it in the summer with lower test. Like Mast 5-600 and Test 250-300 then maybe through in some tren A.

    Keep us posted on the results with this current split you’re doing. Interested in hearing how it works out for you (good or bad). :)
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    You can add some accessory work for each movement but yes it's for strength and mass. Each exercise goes to failure on the last set. Take bench for example. However many warm up sets you like followed by three "working sets". Say your target rep count is 5 and this weeks poundage for bench is 315. 2 sets of five with 315 plus one set with 315 for amrap or as many reps as possible. If you get 2 reps on your third working set you stay at that weight next time you do bench or until you hit the target rep count. You get 7 reps with your target weight you add 5 pounds next bench workout. It's like maxing out every workout. Lower target rep count is for strength. Higher target rep count for hypertrophy/mass.
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    That is terrible advice to be giving out. You should know better then that. What's next are you going to tell members to heat the oil in the syringe with a lighter. Just as bad.
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    I thought the same when I read it. If you go watch a YouTube video where a physician shows you the steps to reconstitute they will mention to “never shake”.

    He did come back and say he ”gently shakes”. Either way it is widely known to not shake so I wouldn’t advise to do so. Sure one may not “believe” that hgh is as fragile as they say but they are not stating that with any evidence. I tend to trust the medical and majorities view on it being more fragile than not. I treat mine somewhat cautiously. Poke pin in stopper, lets water run down the side of vial slowly, put vial in between both palms and rub hands together to get the vial swirling and then let it sit less than a minute and wa la.
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    Do you lift on the days in between or just 3x per week?
  9. Oldschool

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    No just lift M,W,F.
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    i would like to do that but im too additcted to the gym i cant take more then 1 day off lmao
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  11. Oldschool

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    I know what you mean. I have been there. Things change. Shit happens. Not trying to change the world. I'm cool with you being you.
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    Ditto! I have it set up where I could have two off days but I always end up turning one of those days into my second leg day of the week. I can’t imagine only lifting 3x a week.
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    Some of you guys that have been on a six day a week traing schedule forever would be shocked to try a 3 day a week schedule for a month or two. So would your bodyo_O
    Bet you a cycle you gain not lose.
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    I agree i will def do it as i get older.
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    Optis arrived very fast. Like 3 business days. Starting tomorrow morning at 4iu a day
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    I've yet to have an opti red or black that doesn't just completely disolve in less than 5 minutes without doing anything but constituting it and sitting down. I agree it isn't as fragile as people will say but it isn't not fragile either.
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    Care to back up why you say that? Please, I'm all ears.

    Edit, read a few hgh mfrs saying that shaking is bad. I stand corrected even tho I gently try and shake, I'll let my next vial sit and see if it dissolves. I assumed you had to roll and dissolve it right away.
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    I don’t shake it but I roll the bac water around to get the powder off of the side of the vials. If I was to order growth and it get mailed in the summer and tossed around by the post office, I’m damn sure not worried about rolling the vial around after adding water...
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    It's a completely different compound after unvac sealed and constituted.
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