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  1. Lb187

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    Just wanted to say that I'm halfway across the world right now and opti still took care of me with a fast t/a and as usual great customer service.. Can't wait to place my next order.
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    @Lb187 part of you is always halfway around the world.
  3. My dick is usually half way around the world

    Thank you Filipino Cupid
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    The other part in your wife. She's tired of whimpy dick. I also see you like the taste of my foreskin. So unless you want me to drag your ass again. Stop trying to be cute. You look desperate. Again I'm not only in better shape than you. But my dick still works

    Don't worry someday you will find someone to love you too. I can tell by the tone and your frequent posts, you ain't got shit but time and sadnesses filling your days...

    So untill next time cuckmaster. Stay salty bitch lolololololol.. One day they WILL let you leave your trailer park.
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    Just here to post another positive one on Opti from a pkg the other week... I fuckin love this guy - 3 day T/A! Please keep doing what you're doing, you're really helping a lot of us out!
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    Opti’s communication and customer service can’t be beat. Thank you @opti
    I appreciate how you run your business.
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    Agreed! Gotta give it to him, dude runs a good business.
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  9. mdavid82

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    I’m on 4iu a day and I can barely make a fist my hands and fingers are swollen and sore as fuck. When I try to bend my thumb it literally feels like it’s broken. I also can’t sleep or sit down without my hands and arms going numb. Why is this and will it go away? Been on it for a little over a month. I’ve got 2 170iu kits left and can’t take this
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    Did you start at 4iu? I'd drop to 2 iu until sides go away or discontinue use and start at 2iu for at least a week preferably 2. Then ramp up 1iu per every week or two until you reach the dosage you want. My first run I jumped in at 4 iu and had to stop for the cts sides. Shit lasted a month and a half after I stopped use.
  11. mdavid82

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    Jesus. Thanks. I was told to start low and didn’t listen. My fault
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    Yeah I work with my hands, it was horrible. Second run has been much better, worked my way up to 6iu at one point and have had zero sides. Same product
  13. mdavid82

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    Good to hear. Thank-you
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    bump. Looking forward to the higher iu kits and potential sale
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    I’m currently using 4iu of opti’s 120iu kit.Very slight cts. Sleep like baby. Right about a full month in so far.
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    Your avi still rocks. Bet she was a handfull.
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    She’s still around. She won’t leave especially after she realized her job ain’t to give me stress and the fact she’s replaceable
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    Gamble on the head counts everyday JK bad joke
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    I had not ordered online from a new spot in quite a while, so it was a relief to find what a pro Opti is. Bitcoin sent on a Friday afternoon, received my pack as advertised 4 days later. Pretty much a perfect transaction, no BS whatsoever.
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  20. He's the best
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