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    Thank You, I was on 2iu for a couple years back in 2010 but had to get off because of $. I was paying a lot more but was using kits from HIV patients that sold to my guy. These are affordable for me and think I'll give them a try.
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    It was his recommendation based off my igf-1 baseline which was like 150-ish, he wanted me more like 250. I’d run it if it didn’t cost so damn much. I ended up with one bottle of omnitrope that I think someone put in, instead of my hcg, so I ran 1/2iu of that mixed with 3iu of opti, for the last month. No reason to let it go to waste, and I wasn’t going to drop to 1/2iu a day to test pharma. There’s no way it’s 6x better than what I’m taking now.
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  3. "Click Click Who the fuck wanna feel this!?"
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    @opti any updates on the larger kits? Or the sale that was supposed to happen?
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    I asked this same question and got a reply from him saying he was still waiting for lab results and when he gets that he will post immediately, as far as the sale goes, I don’t know. And right now I’m personally not expecting a sale from anyone with this pandemic shit in full swing.
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    Good evening Meso members. I hope you and your loved ones are taking the proper precautions to stay safe and sane during this epidemic.

    Lately I've gotten numerous emails regarding-questioning my inventory and turnaround. Some of you have even shared your current experiences with domestic sources whom I have no affiliation with. I understand, sometimes we just need to vent.

    I can not speak for any other sources, but if I take your order it is because I can fulfill it and ship it within 2 business days, more than likely one but I always give myself a small window. In some regions there is a slight delay of 1 to 2 additional days just to make you aware.

    If I am backlogged or my turnaround is effected I will not take orders until I resume the turnaround I promised and you all are accustomed to.

    This is not a dig at anyone. Just wanted to clarify how I conduct business to those who are considering my Somatropin and question if COVID-19 has had any effect on my Optis.

    As soon as my 200iu+ kits are received, tested, and HPLC reports are given to me I will post them and will be available.

    Everyone, be safe.
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    What are the 200iu kits going for?
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  8. TNotch347

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    Hopefully better priced than a 100iu kit for 140. RAPE!

    I get it, relax....
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    Honestly had a week t/a from payment. Hes still the same legit source he has been. I go no where else
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    For good HGH like Opti has it’s a steal. I mean $140 is hardly anything for GH.
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    140 plus ship cost, for a 100iu imo is over priced. But the situation calls for it so not much you can do but open them wallets. I mean for 1 kit it’s only like 7-8cents more per iu than his 120s so not really rape. But if someone asked me what’s the most I’d pay for generic gh 100iu my answer would be $120 for quality gear.
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    Which ones are $140?
  13. jackmeoff1

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    I have yet to see that price from any reputable source.
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    You yanks have no idea how good you got it at $140 usd. Us Canukleheads are paying $220 CAD for an opti 100iu kit..... with 30% exchange.... please spare me the "I'm getting raped" bull shit!
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    That's ridiculous.....
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  16. Savagesteve

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    Tell your customs agents to quit overachieving.
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    We have our own domestic supply with optican. Customs not an issue.
  18. Savagesteve

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    I imagine the price is increased somehow, why else would the price be so much higher than US domestic?
  19. Logan44551

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    Dude that imports mark up.
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  20. From Chi-Nah only 50USD for 100iu