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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by opti, Dec 21, 2018.

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    Are you talking about BnG and TP?
  3. opti

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    If I recall correctly many did contain HGH though not properly dosed.

    No problem bud, no such thing as bad publicity.

    Appreciate, look forward to your business.

    You are correct. Some solid ones indeed. What might be a bit distinct on my behalf is that I have them domestically.

    Correct as well, they have put their time in this field and I plan to do the same. I hope that in due time labs will be posted regarding the GMP HGH I offer.

    The above guys have strong backing with some solid product. Have every intention of getting there as well. In due time.
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    So I gotta ask, how do we know this is GMP?
    I mean it's easy to state that claim...

    What prevents you from saying that vs it being true?
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    Valid question.

    As you know any source that creates a thread in this section is asked to post pictures of inventory, lab equipment, etc. etc. to proof some validity. Many oblige, others don't for security reasons. To each his own........

    You ask, how do you know that it is from a GMP facility? You don't! Yes my claim could be false but on the other hand it might not. I believe that I at the very least have done the bare minimum of providing some validation of a legitimate laboratory relation. The pictures with the crumbled sheet of paper containing Opti, Meso, date, and laboratory equipment name should have some ground to stand on. I could post much more information regarding this GMP facility but for obvious reasons I wont. I know that I must pass the test of time and plan on doing so.
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    I was told recently that a HGH source would be popping up
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    you sending any out for testing
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    No chance of shipping a few to Canada??
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    @eje1990, I don't want members to possibly get the wrong idea so just to clarify, I have never contacted nor solicited you in anyway correct?

    I am more than willing to send to either @Weights & Measures or @janoshik but as you know it will be more credible if a customer sends of anonymously. I am willing to cover the fees for this. I am also open to suggestions.

    My primary focus is USA-domestically but we can discuss this further through email if you like?
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    No man definitely not! Absolutely not. And I don't believe you are the source this person was talking about at all. I have no idea who the source is I was told about but I know for sure it wasn't a long standing members.

    Lol I was definitely mistaken. And I'd trust you ten times over the referral from this other person.
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    Thanks @eje1990 for the clarification. Appreciate it.
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    You’re offering an introductory price of $115 per 100iu kits, so after 10 kits are sold the introductory price is over, correct?
    Then what? What’s the regular price going to be for domestic 100iu kit?
    I’m just asking for clarification in case I misread anything?
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    @bolder, my intention is to get these kits to 5-10 members at the introductory price who are willing to post bloods. No particular limit on the kits. Price is not set in stone quite yet but I'm thinking along the lines of $150. Hope I have answered any questions you have.
  16. bolder

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    Yes you did, thanks.
    I was under the impression you had 10 kits that were at the introductory price and then the price would go up. I must have misread.
    So when will you know to set your regular price? After say 5 members post bloods? 10 members?
    What if 10 members post great results from the start and things take off pretty good. Then say your having to order more kits to keep up demand. How are you reassuring to the customer that product is still up to par? Are you going to send in a vial to be tested every so often for your own piece of mind and to inform your customers or just rely on customers to test?
    Btw, I’m all for more domestic hgh choices! Especially if quality stays consistent. So I ask these questions in a positive manner and do not mean anything in a negative way, js.
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    Same here the more HGH choices we have the better in my book esp domestic
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    Your book contains a bunch of pictures and pop ups, cause we all know you can't read:cool:
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    Gawd dammit everytime I try aNd post a funny from my photobucket it fails miserably. So yes maybe my book does have pics n pop ups but gawd dammit there pretty pictures. SOB!
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    Reminds me of HGH Pro