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    The wife's score was excellent. A low score can mean little as to how good the GH is because of other factors that are effecting your liver and causing it not to produce IGF.
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    Did you have baseline IGF scores?
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    No alcohol. I’m in the middle of prepping for a contest.
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    Gray and just started blue top.
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    Actually not excellent. It’s 30 points below what she was on another source for GH.
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    There are a lot of factors that come into play, you can get your levels tested and show shit and I can have my levels tested and showing something amazing with same product. It’s really not that good of a way to tell if your GH is good, it is good that you now know your liver is telling you to go fuck off and doesn’t wanna convert, that test for me is a toss up cause there’s always anomalies and the only way would be to send out a vial and have it tested.
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    Both Liver enzymes reported good in the tests provided... they also dont drink, and with a show coming up, I assume his diet is on point..

    What is a good way if that is not a good way to tell if the GH is good?

    What makes this interesting is they both tested low on the same product
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    His igf-1 was less than hers even though he was taking twice as much GH has her. So at least on the surface there is more going on here with him.
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    Yea there’s something to it besides his low igf score, unless her natural and his natural levels are just as close and she’s naturally higher then Him then in my opinion u can test serum and igf all day long with any gh and have conflicting reports. I’m not sticking up or cock riding here.. I’m just sharing my thoughts. The ONLY way to tell would for him or her to send a vial out to have tested, them you will know for sure it’s the conversion factoring or the product itself, that was the point I was trying to make earlier.
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    I have other bloodwork from other GH sources where I tested in the 400 IGF range with 4ius daily. You are right that higher liver values can cause issues with converting to IGF. That being said my liver enzymes were elevated before with much higher IGF levels. I’m not trying to dog Opti just put this out there so people can make their own informed decisions. I would encourage all of you to get bloodwork as well.

    Also elevated IGF levels is definitely a sign that it’s good HGH. That is the main reason why we take HGH. That’s what makes everything else happen in the body!!
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    Also I’m currently using his blue tops and I upped my dosage to 6iu daily. I will retest my IGF levels in 2-3 weeks. I was on his gray tops before.
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    Send it off for testing.
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    Who would you guys recommend to send off too?
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    are you running the 20iu or 24iu blues? I ran reds and now I’m on 20iu blues. My doctor didn’t order IGF on my last test, so I only had baseline, I’ll get IGF on my next bloods, but it will be a few months.
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    The 20iu blues. I was on grays and then reds before that.
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    I know @janoshik can test gh but I’m not sure about chemtox or lab4tox.
  18. How are the sides at that dose?!?
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    @opti hope all is well with you and your family and everyone is staying healthy during the pandemic. Hopefully everything will go back to normal sooner than later.

    Haven’t been in here for awhile and was wondering If there will be any discount for Memorial Day deals? Need to stock up again soon.

    Thanks for all the quick deliveries in the past. Always lightning fast with response and T/A and most definitely great products
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    I would not use Jano.. not a good reputation here....that whole thing was wild
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