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    I would go with Lab4tox...
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    It would be comparing his results to that of opti...
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    Informed decision making will come with results from product testing.
    Bloods are great for your personal use as long as you've got baseline results.
    It sounds like you've got your mind set that somethings off with the product based on your blood results .
    I also tend to believe that I know what's going on with my body and I believe I can figure things out with just my blood results.
    Its a new world, though. Testing has had such a positive effect and has given control back to the consumer. But only if we use it.
    Harping on bloods etc without having product test results is gonna get old and with a source who has shown he supports testing and will reimburse for that testing, its borderline disrespectful.
    Opti can't win in this situation. I don't use the product but I've known the man for years. If there's an issue with the product and test results show this, you'll be compensated.

    I don't know if you're gonna send it for testing or not? I'd put it at about 50/50 right now with 5 % points being added to the "Not sending to test" side every day you don't send.
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    I think you forgot to mention that your igf-1 numbers have come up "inferior" in the past despite your wife's serum GH and igf-1 looking ok before.

    261 @ 4iu

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    You don’t use the product but you are vouching for his product. Hmm, something fishy about this and why would I care about your opinion if you haven’t used his product or got bloodwork done? Move on bro. That being said I’m still using his product hoping that I got a bad batch of gray tops and his blue tops hopefully are good. It’s Chinese generic HGH and not regulated so that can easily happen. It’s happens all the time with raws and GH that comes from China. You get the occasional bad batches. Almost every UG source has dealt with this at some point.
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    I’m not interested to engage, on anything negative here, and I’m guessing Biggerben won’t bother to respond to you, but that dude is as OG and legit as it comes around here. His word carries a ton of weight, and he’s done as much, or more, for members of this forum, than anyone. You don’t have to take it, but him vouching for Opti means a lot, to a lot of guys here. Myself included.
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    Would you like to address your convenient omission of your ASF Ironlion igf-1 results (261 @ 4iu) and your wife's serum GH (36) and igf-1 results (250 @ 2iu) where you have suboptimal igf-1 numbers close to your baseline igf-1 number (220 from your contest prep thread on 8/2019) but your wife's gh and igf-1 again look good?

    Also convenient you cite her ironlion igf-1 number as being a good benchmark yet opti's serum gh is better but it's a "bad batch" here. Can you help me square that hole in your logic?

    Maybe I shouldn't give you the benefit of the doubt but based upon the evidence I'm going with you have a history of inconsistent & suboptimal igf-1 response for whatever reason. I sure hope you are actually taking GH.
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    Ben isn’t vouching for the product he is vouching for opti as a man that will make things right if need be and as for jano he’s never done me wrong with any blind samples
  9. Source schilling without even buying from the source? That's a whole new level...
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    Hey I’m not saying Ironlion was much better. I have tested much better on a different source than both. I went with IL because of good reviews and domestic shipping. Same with Opti. I like to try new sources with good reviews. Both of them have been a little underwhelming. That being said I don’t care who they are if they aren’t using the product and can vouch for it with good bloodwork.

    That being said it’s all good. I’m going to continue using the blue tops from Opti and test again. Hopefully it’s all good. I think Opti is a standup guy and seems like he has good intent to provide a good service. Shit happens. He can’t control his supplier or their quality. I don’t blame him one bit. He even paid for the GH serum test I did on my wife. That’s pretty cool if I say so. It’s all good guys go back to your normal day. LOL
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    Is his current batch the red tops that were posted about 20 pages back that came back at 12IU per vial?I have been away for sometime and coming back into the game. I see that he tests new batches before being sent out and I want to make sure that his current batch he is sending to customers are the ones that were tested.

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    I thing it's about time for me to chime in. My apologies to Meso for not coming on here sooner and adding some clarity to this issue. @killionb12 and I exchanged several emails in which he made some pretty bold accusations and demands which I did not take lightly nor cared for. I have never nor will I ever censor blood-work, tests and or any feedback regarding myself or my product. To this many of you whom have had dealings with me can attest to.

    @biggerben69 was not vouching for my product but giving you his unbiased view regarding me. In your 6 months here I am surprised that you would even thing that a member notably him would vouch for a source, in this case me. You should know that it is frown upon as a source could go south at anytime. He is raw and blunt but a 'yes-man' he is not.

    Meso, my apologies as I do not want to come across as hostile. Offended? Most definitely! I am a source but I believe that my history, Somatropin testing, communication, t/a, etc etc speak for itself and feel obliged to respond to @killionb12 as he seems to be overlooking several questions that have emerged and because of this my Somatropin's credibility is in questioned.

    @dokdonia posted a link in which your IGF came back at 261 on 4iu of Iron Lion. In your emails you told me in several occasions that the 261 was on 2iu. Which one is it? I took it as a direct attack when you said my testing is a controlled test in which clearly you feel I send a good vial for testing and sell mediocre Somatropin to members. I paid for the blood serum test in which you specifically mentioned that if it came back high you would have peace of mind, satisfied and chalk it up to something going on with you. Once you got the results you had the audacity of telling me that my Somatropin could be peptides or if real they are under-dosed and wanted to compensated with further Somatropin, my Somatropin which you are clearly questioning? Do you see the malicious intent with which I'm approaching this?

    As far as my Somatropin, the kits in question which are from a GMP certified facility, I am certain that they are of superior quality. Many members know where they come from as it is quite evident by the HPLC reports, so no this is not a bad batch!

    I have said my peace and belief that I have spent enough time on this particular non-issue. I will leave it in your hands Meso and you can be the judge.
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    I’m not defending a source but recently I have noticed in a couple threads members accusing sources of giving them bunk/underdosed gear without having the product actually tested. Imo these are pretty strong accusations to make without having the product tested. I will always side with members when the product has been tested but to accuse a source without specifically having the product tested especially one that is pretty well respected seems a little out of line.

    I do respect the fact that opti takes the time and money to test all of his products before selling them. As a customer that shows to me that he takes pride in his business and quality of products. I have also found his T/A and communication to be of a high standard.

    If there is a legitimate issue I am sure he will make things right. This is obviously not of the same issue but in one of my orders USPS mishandled the package causing one of the vials to be damaged. Opti immediately offered to reimburse me even though I had not asked for anything as I have had at least 4 or 5 flawless transactions with him and I understand that even with the best businesses shit happens that is out of their control. I only say this because I am sure if there is a legitimate issue backed by testing that opti will reimburse you or make things right.

    Again I will always side with members, but I do think you have to be fair to sources that have done what is asked by the community: test their products, have good T/A and communication etc. and have “hard evidence” before accusing them of bunk products etc.
  14. Not gonna lie, but this is the feeling i had today after reading the newest posts before Opti posted his reply.
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    Yeah. I don't get this lol. If you are going to say the product sucks and you dont trust the source dont say hey "send me more shit to go with the other shit you sent me". lol
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    I’ve ran kigs, real serostim and optis, I know looking at past blood panels, tren and nandrolone did affect my igf score when I used those 2 stair rods.

    hold up though...
    So this @killionb12 wants to be compensated with more hgh when he’s bashing it...wut.. then he stated he was on 2iu in private email with an igf of 261 but now in public now 4iu...Mmmmm...wut in the twatwaffle going on
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    Remember when we take exogenous growth our natural numbers don’t mean shit at this point.

    There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration. What other compounds are being consumed, how the diet is, pin schedule, and so fourth.

    I will vouch for @killionb12 and his training and diet is on point. Dude is legit and looking peeled. He has always been helpful on the forums and done his part on testing for other sources as well.

    I will say a 30 point difference on his wife’s test is spot on with what pulled from The other source. My reasoning behind this is, unless the pin schedule was followed down to a perfect time and blood pulled at the same exact time from both test then a 30 point swing is great.

    Most people followed my 14 weeks of blood pulling and even on the same kit I had 50 point swings from one week to the next. And I’m pretty consistent on pinning and blood pulling.

    I mean hell numbers can change by how much sleep you had the night before. (But not the difference he had, just stating variables)

    If in fact he was on 4 iu and pulled a 261 I would call that low but remember he was on other compounds. I haven’t done extensive testing while on other compounds so don’t know personally how 19-nors effect IGF numbers. I have heard they could lower them but I can’t say for sure.

    Also this brings along the need to pull baselines always. But in his defense he can base it off of his previous test.

    But wait there is more, let’s just say there is 3.3 mg of growth per vial in the optis grey and 4mg in the other kit he tested. There could be a different in numbers there. That’s 2 extra iu in that vial compared to the greys of my math is correct.

    His wife pulled great on 2iu’s IMO especially for a woman and on par with a separate labs HGH. They are both on the grey tops so maybe something else could be in play.

    Could the hgh on his kit been degraded somehow? Sure.

    I have stepped down to 2iu’s and been on grey tops for about a little over 2 weeks and pulling igf in a week to compare.

    I’m not going to comment on the back and fourth and we just need to look at facts and MORE people need to test! If you are spending money on growth and live in a state that u can test you should.

    I can’t fathom why people spend 300 a month on gear and won’t spend 80 bucks to see if their body is healthy.
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    Now that is just wrong. My email stated that my wife was on 2iu and tested at 250. I said I was on 4iu daily and tested at 261! Go back and reread your email sir. I do think it was severely under-dosed which is why I asked for “discounted” blue tops because I now have to up my dosage to hopefully get the same results. I should be getting what I paid for which is what I have spent over 1k on your GH easily since February. I don’t need free shit sir so don’t make it seem that way. Ask Mighty Mouse who is a big advocate of yours. I thought it was my duty to share bloods based on results so other people are aware. They can make their own decisions. If you don’t like then fine but I will post my next bloods as well when I get tested again using 6iu daily. Have a good day sir.
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    Nope that is wrong. He can share my email if he wants too. I said my wife was on 2iu daily and tested at 250 and I was on 4iu daily and tested at 260 using Ironlion GH. I was 136 on the same dosage of Opti GH. Plan and simple.

    Now my coach said it’s probably under dosed batch or low quality and so I needed to up my dosage to get the results that I want. That’s why I asked Opti to give me “discounted” blue tops since I had to up my dosage on gray tops that I just finished and hopefully get better results with the blue tops. Don’t need a handout son. I have spent over 1k on GH with him.
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    Thanks for clarifying MM. At this point I’m just going to let it be. I have always tested every source I have ever been on because I’m curious that way. I want to know I’m getting my moneys worth. That being said sounds like my feedback isn’t wanted here so I’m done talking about it. I will move on.

    Opti - Good luck with your business sir. I have been 100% transparent with you so hopefully no Ill will towards each other.
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