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  1. 261 on GH... I am 280 as a baseline damnnn
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    I am around 270’s baseline I believe I have to check but even on 2 iu I will be happy at 230’s

    Cause baseline is not in the equation when injecting
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    Keep me updated when you pull those numbers and I will send you what I pull on 2iu
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    Sounds good bro. Thx
  5. igf-1 levels aren't directly proportional to GH levels when injecting? I've never used GH so I don't know, but from my understanding your IGF1 will rise when GH is increased? Don't most people look for like a 400-700 level of IGF1 when they are on GH?
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    Meso, I hope you and your loved ones had/are having a great weekend. I will be running a Memorial Day sale from now until Monday midnight CST in which you can deduct 10% off your order.(excluding shipping)

    My best wishes to you and your family. Have a great holiday.

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    You back at it Testing ?
    Back to work again?
    More importantly did you finally finish your car?!?!
  8. @opti you are the best hgh source I've ever known. I tested your kits using the home test hgh kit from davepalumbo.com and your stuff always tests positive for hgh. Unfortunately we cannot test for dose levels but at least it confirmed that the product was not bunk.
    Anyone buying your product knows it's good.
    My dad is 63 years old and swears by his results. So does his 54 year old girlfriend. Both were in tremendous daily pain from joint issues and general discomfort. Then I put them on 2 ius a day. After three days they were rejuvenated...now they live full lives with little to no body issues.

    You are bettering lives for tons of people Opti. And meso sees it. We live it. Keep it going. Fuck the haters.
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    You lost me at Palumbo
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    Meso, I hope you and your loved ones had a good weekend. Along with making an appearance I wanted to make you aware of a scammer/poser.

    It was brought to my attention that this individual sent quite a few DM's over at Professional Muscle and even has a protonmail account setup. If you have any acquaintances over at PM, feel free to make them aware of this.

    The pictures below show that he is using: optitropin.hgh@protonmail.com

    I only have 1 email and that is opti.hgh@protonmail.com

    I'm sure it is just a matter of time before he tries something here on Meso.

    Stay safe.

    Screenshot_20200531-182909.jpg Screenshot_20200531-182935.jpg
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    Wow, dirtbags are back at it again!
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    I pinned 3 ius in the AM for several months and IGF came at 320
    Im doing labs in 2 months and have been doing 4 Ius
    will update you guys when I get the test
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    Which kits are you running?
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    My buddy is going to be starting his first go with opti HGH blue tops 240kit. He has never ran HGH before and wants to start at 1iu daily with the usual 5 on 2 off method. I told him he might try and start at least at 2iu daily. Anybody have any recommendations? Just seems like 1iu is really low and almost not beneficial...
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    getting a baseline would be the best to determine a start point. If your gonna do 1iu your Body probably Makes more than that naturally. Some guys have a baseline of 200-250. So a start point for them would be 3iu... you want to exceed what you make to grow, or if your cruising supplement what your body lacks. 1iu is a waste of gh. Start with 2iu. Handle the sides and go to 3iu at least.
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    Ordered a kit from Opti about two weeks ago... Over the past 9 days I've done three vials.... Haven't been able to get in the gym much, but I can tell I am looking a bit fuller and rounder... Good GH usually does cause that 3-D look almost overnight... Probably mostly water in the muscle.. but it looks good... l
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    he made a post in the other thread. kits landed
  18. But you're buying all the stock! Lol.
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    lol wish I could. talking to the guy over email now just figuring out how many Ill get.