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    All reasonable questions @bolder. I do not plan to raise prices after 5 legitimate lab results have been posted on my HGH. After 10? I might give it some consideration. My primary focus is to get these kits to members who are looking for another viable option.

    At the present moment I admit the most difficult part is to validate the legitimacy of this HGH. I can easily send a few vials for testing or even pull bloods on myself but that will be viewed with skepticism. I believe at the present time I-we have to rely on feedback-bloods from members and to anonymously send a vial for testing. Once this particular HGH's legitimacy has been proven I believe Meso members would be okay with me sending a vial to test a new batch from a random kit, which I plan on doing so.

    Many things have been taken into consideration for this business venture. I can not foresee the demand but all I can say is that some equity has gone into this and I will not be accepting payment for HGH I do not have in stock. International delivery will be available in the near future but we can discuss this at a later date.

    I in no way took your questions in a negative way. You can tell when questions are asked with antagonism, complete opposite in your case.

    I hope to be viable option in the near future.

    What exactly reminds you of HGH Pro? I usually don't let comments like these get under my skin but to insinuate that I could possibly be him is quite insulting. I for one can form a complete sentence.

    Care to elaborate?!
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    I hope not .. a few of us got burned including
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    I don't see it, this guy seems way more level headed than that POS.
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    Yes it’s most likely if you did send a few vials out for testing it be viewed with some skepticism. I also think it would be beneficial. It shows you’re willing to test the product you stand behind. As you know there is a couple of options in the testing forum to choose from. I think it’s a good move to do so on your part. People will always be skeptical no matter what, and rightfully so in this game.
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    Let’s hope so.. last thing I want to hear is his dog had puppies and couldn’t get to any orders.. or whatever stupid excuse he’s got
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    Can't speak for the product, but Opti is a long time contributing member here. Just sayin....
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    I understand your concern @taco33150 and thanks for not coming across as a jerk. And as far as dogs, puppies, kittens, aliens, etc. etc., those shenanigans are not me. If I need to step away for personal reasons I will be upfront about it.

    Thank you for seeing passed many elements and being rational. Reading through some of his messages It's hard for me to accept being compared to him.

    Excellent points indeed. I really appreciate your input and will take it into consideration. Nothing negative can come from me posting lab results, as you mentioned above people will always be skeptical and have every reason to.

    Thanks @Seattle23, your post is much appreciated.
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    @opti .. that’s good to know .. cause hghpro had a lot of excuses
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    My dude. ..
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    115 a kit isn’t unheard of I pay around that never messed with this dude tho
  11. BFGB

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    Hoping to see you offer international services one day, will keep following this thread. Would love to see you open your business ventures to Canada.
    Good luck sir.
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    Blast from the past. Hope you have been well.

    @BFGB thank you very much for your kind words. I would like to put 100% effort into this venture even if it's on a small scale than to be careless by trying to take on too much at one time. I look forward to providing a service to you gentlemen up North in due time.
  14. BFGB

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    Would be a great opportunity, hard to come by decent generics here. I’m going to keep following this thread, and I’m looking forward to those who post bloods after experiencing with your product. Wishing you best of luck, you seem very professional and determined to provide an exceptional product. Thank you again.
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    @opti you have any one yet pulling igf scores yet?
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    @BFGB, once again I thank you for your kind words. I expect to soon see some blood serum tests followed by some igf ones shortly after. Hope you continue to frequent this thread.

    @taco33150, I should be seeing some blood serum tests soon and hope that shortly after some igf results will be posted as well.

    I have been giving some thought to what @bolder suggested regarding me shipping a vial for testing. I know it will be met with some skepticism but it might help with some doubts as well. Any suggestions?
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    I’ll be looking to pull some bloods on the blacks in couple weeks Taco.
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  18. X2
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    You’v been a member for a long time here man. In saying that, I don’t think anyone is questioning your credibility as a member, just questioning the product you have. You didn’t change your handle or make a new one to promote this hgh. That’s a plus in my eyes. So imo, you sending out a vial or two to be tested would hold more weight than a new source popping in to do the same. Just how I’m seeing it.
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    Can’t wait to see the bloods on these black tops.
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