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    MM big contribution to the community. I’ve told you plenty but thank you again for sharing the results with us my brotha. Your efforts are appreciated. Sincerely !
  2. Mighty-mouse

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    Thanks bro!
    I have decided to stay at 5iu until we see a good steady igf weekly total before moving to the second phase of split dosing. So we can get an accurate test against the two.
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    Second order with Opti. 2 days click to door might be the fastest TA in the business.

    I've been running GH and/or mk677 since 2015. Previously I have had experience with norditropin and I had one (bad) experience with generics a few years back so I will admit I was reluctant but with all the testing on these I decided to pull the trigger.

    Subjectively these remind me exactly of the nords I ran a few years back. Running these at 3.33 IU/day. No side effects (I am not prone to them) and fat is just melting off me!
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    Hahaha thank you for your comparison, I am glad to know that you are happy with my t/a and communication. I look forward to reading up on your progress regarding the Optis.

    Let me start of by saying that I hope you have gotten the package that you have so calmly been waiting on. I know how much of a headache that can be. Secondly, thank you very much for your feedback. I am glad to know that you are satisfied with my communication and t/a as well. Please keep us updated on your progress.

    Excited to read up on your progress @VAGeo87. Keep us updated as well. I'm sure you will continue to see many benefits from the Optis.

    Excellent! Look forward to your lab work results. Would you happen to have any previous IGF blloodwork for comparison purposes?

    I am glad to hear you are receiving positive feedback regarding my Optis. Could you share some of them with us if you don't mind?

    Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding my communication and t/a. Look forward to your future feedback as well. Enjoy the Optis and keep us posted.

    Short and sweet! Thank you for your feedback @taco33150.

    @jackmeoff1 thank you for sharing my t/a and most importantly your feedback-comparison regarding my Optis. I am glad that you were willing to give them a chance and are satisfied with your results so far. Please do continue to keep us posted on your progress.
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    Wow! Great test results and reviews!:)
    Sign me up!
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  6. opti

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    Thanks @Mighty-mouse for sharing your results. Seems they are consistent. When are you going to EOD? I am assuming you'll be doing the same weekly dose? Eager to see how my Optis will compare to the Pharmaceutical grade Somatropin you have. By the way, love the line graph! Who needs PowerPoint!

    Excellent suggestion @bolder! Any small variable might factor in regarding igf level fluctuations.

    Thank you for giving us a detailed explanation of what you were on while pulling your igf blood work
    @OldSmice. Looking forward to your future feedback. I am assuming you'll be getting some bloods pulled on the Optis as well?
  7. Mighty-mouse

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    Keep forgetting didn’t pull week 2 but this is week 6 ( technically start of week 6) blood work

    Details on photo
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    Put my order in! Looking forward to this!
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    Awesome that it came back up with the added asin too. Great work. Huge props for your dedicated efforts. Shout out to opti too.
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  10. puckhog

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    Excellent. How do u plan on running it?
  11. Kim

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    I plan on 2 ius a day. What do you think? Your wife is doing 2 ius a day. Will she continue that? I saw her igf test on your thread. I would like to see more igf test readings for females. The one guy that posted on your thread seems to be knowledgeable on this stuff.
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  12. Kim

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    You guys have been running TP's black tops? I see his purity is not as high as optis. When I research his mauve tops I'm seeing purity results between 94.6 on batch #54 from AA. I saw TP himself state that his mauves are 96%. I assume AA gets his maybe tops from TP?
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  13. M425M

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    Ye he even stated that is where he gets them from
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  14. Kim

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    Help me a little. If the purity of TP's mauve tops is 94%, then what is in it creating the rest of the formula?
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  15. puckhog

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    Yup just 2iu.
    She is having some arm pains. Not sure if it is the gh or some kind of injury. I think 2iu is a bit low for side effects, especially since her igf score was within range.
    I am guessing some kind of back tension that is causing the arm pain.
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    Looking forward to hopping on the Opti train! Haven’t ran GH in over a year but now I’m ready to get back on. So far really good on Optis end. Communication has been great! Looking forward to the results. Gonna ramp up real slow. Ran blacks and greys for over a year so know what to expect for sides. Will pull some bloods after I reach my desired dose.
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  17. Kim

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    hmmm I had arm pain with my herniated disc C3-C6. My left arm went numb and my thumb had this electrical feeling. Does she have any pain in her spine?
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  18. Kim

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    I ordered and TA will be three days overall. I saw I'll be getting it already today. Talk about crazy fast shipping!!
    I will be interested in your test results. Right now I am running meditropes from Sparta and have been researching Opti seeing his purity results are 99%. Correct me if I'm wrong @opti?
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  19. Kim

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    @rpbb I read your wife is taking gh also. Can you tell me her experience? How long has she ran gh?
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  20. puckhog

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    Interesting. Both her arms have pain but her right one is almost always numb (past 5 days). Her pointer and middle finger are numb as well.
    She hasn’t been sleeping for shit cuz it keeps her up at night.
    The D doesn't even help her sleep. Lol.
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