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    Ye I'm aware of that. That's why im still considering pct after the cycle. Idk. Will see when the time comes. The fact that I'm EQ on means that the stuff is gonna be me for a long time even after my cycle finishes though. I can't really start pct until I'm clear of everything, so I thought it might make sense to go to a Cruise dose of test for a while after my last cycle.pin.
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    Email sent in regards to the GH. To much shit to read thru to find prices, and quality.
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    When you turn 40 you will notice what HGH does. Ohh you will notice!
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    Lol. I got ten years to go... GH still good for a 30 year old no? Ughhh
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    In short, HGH "can" make you insulin resistant, even to the point of diabetic (type 2). The exact reason for why this happens is actually somewhat of a mystery. But it is dose dependent and individual but typically only occurs with larger doses.

    So what do you do when you are diabetic? you take insulin. Some guys will use a basal insulin like Lantus and things like metformin work equally as good for this reason. I only recommend this if you are taking HGH multiple times through the day because your blood glucose will stabalize around 6 hours after your hgh injection and lantus is in your system for like 16 hours.

    So that is basically why HGH and insulin always seem to come up in the same conversation. You are just treating the side effects of the HGH with insulin/metformin.

    But there is another way to use insulin with HGH, even if you aren't taking a dose that makes you insulin resistant. that is around training (fast acting insulin). You can take insulin without HGH around training as well and get FAT gain along with muscle gain but since HGH is so great at regulating lipolysis, in theory this should mitigate any fat storage. Combine something crazy anabolic like slin with elevated muscle protein synthesis from the workout, the enhanced partitioning effects from the AAS (good idea to dose your orals or water bases before training too) and you can, in theory cheat science and partition 100% of excess calories to lean tissue.

    But please don't go jamming slin in your body without researching it first! I use a very simple effective protocol that I am ok with sharing if anyone thinks it's worth a dam.
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    Bro what’s up it’s TenGrams, you good?
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    Good post brotha. Would love to hear your protocol. I have a periworkout insulin protocol that I use as well and wondering if they are similar or if I can learn anything from yours.
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    Yeah Bro I’m good. Getting life back together. Coming off for awhile, wanting to run GH for awhile while on TRT. Preciate the Lookout.
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    Got my HGH today. 3-4 day turn around including holiday.

    Also, had no idea how tiny HGH vials were. Threw me off lol
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    I follow the 10 grams of carbs per IU rule and I have never once went hypo.

    My protocol is based on part science and part bro science so take that fwiw.

    I carb cycle and train on carbs and insulin in the evenings. I do fasted cardio and no carbs during the day and often ephedrine/caffeine. So my objective is to be as insulin sensitive as possible going into the para workout window.

    I take GH 30 min prior to my pre workout meal. Now that I found Opti I am going to go as high as 4 IU (plus my morning 3 IU dose before fasted cardio). I have a theory that taking GH fasted induces lipolysis more efficiently than if you take it with food. We know that insulin and endogenous GH are agonist (GH is pulsed only when fasted and insulin is low) but I am not really sure about exogenous GH. Nevertheless it makes sense to me to let the GH get in there and mobilize fatty acids and set the stage for fat loss. my thought is if you get that machinery working you are less likely to store calories coming in.

    Pre meal I take the slin (and orals if I am running them). I do 4 week cycles with 2 weeks off. I start with 15 iu and increase up to as much as 30 iu. I like humulin R personally because it lasts just the right amount of time to cover the entire workout. Right after the shot my preworkout meal contains half of the needed carbs. So when I am at 30 iu this meal will be 150 grams of carbs. Cream of rice mixed with a little pineapple is my go to. I eat that with an easy digesting protein (chicken, egg whites or white fish). 15 min after the meal I train (and train fucking hard on slin!!). I make an intra workout shake consisting of the other half of carbs. So 150 grams when I am at 30 iu. branched cyclic dextrin if I have the change but I often wind up using dextrose because Im cheap (dextrose just bloats me more). Than I add 25 grams of whey isolate, 5 grams of bcaa and 5 grams of creatine.

    So that covers all my carbs in the pre and intra workout. Then post workout I have another meal with the same amount of carbs that I had in the pre and intra workout. This meal I have another easy digesting protien but a complex carb. Oats it always is- that is legit the only complex carb I like. Fuck rice and sweet potatoes!

    Insulin blows you the fuck up. You drop the water when you cycle off but man does it feel amazing to workout on the stuff.

    Always be careful with insulin though. I don't want anyone reading this just blindly trying it. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!
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    Thanks for sharing your experience!
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    Good shit man! And way out of my league lol. :oops:
    So let’s get down to the bro shit!! What kind of gains have you seen with this protocol!? :cool:

    I will also add what you already have said...
    do not use insulin if you’re not educated on it! This shit isn’t for everyone and if you don’t have a proper understanding of it then it could potentially kill you... on the spot! o_O

    It’s like a disclaimer should automatically pop up when the word ‘insulin’ is used! :D
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    Wait a minute... you got the tiny vials?
    Did you specify to @opti that you wanted the normal sized ones?!!! o_O

    I bet he send you the hgh for midgets! Smh.. common noob mistake bro! :oops:

    Well at least now you’re gonna be half the man you use to be! :eek:
    Just fuckin with ya! :p

    When you gonna start em bro? You have a plan of action, length of time, or strict goals you’re wanting to achieve?
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    Somebody say midget?
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    Omg you ordered the short stack too!?
    Wow!! :p
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    This has got me wondering if I got the tall people stack

    Igf could be in the 1200’s fuck me
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    Lmfao!! :D:D:D
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  19. bolder

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    Starting them soon as my bloods come back. Working with Mac(just diet). Going to 6 months, but willing to do 9 , 2ius a day.

    Looking for total recomp. I think I need to worry less about blasting and more about recomp with lean muscle first
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