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    right on!
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    Just ordered another two kits from Opti yesterday. T/A last time was great, and this time it's already shipped so expecting the same. Opti is also a pleasure to deal with. Looking forward to good results.
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    25 lbs in 4 weeks but you lose 15 of it lol. I don't care though. I can train like a lunatic on slin. I love the water retention!
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    Awesome, great post brother. I use a similar protocol. Start out at 10units and work up from there. Did 15units this am. Here’s what I did. Wake, pin gear, shower, pin GH and insulin (novolin r) in same pin. I’m only at 1iu GH right now ramping up and mixed in 15 units of insulin in same syringe. Ate preworkout meal which was one muffin, so about 60g carbs, and 50g protein from whey. Trained legs and sipped on Intra through workout, 40g carbs from cyclic dextrin and 10g EAA’s. Came home and eat 3 cups chocolate chex with 2cups whites as the milk, so about 100g carbs. Now I’m well over the needed carbs to cover the 15units insulin but have plenty of room to work up insulin from here. Will have another carb meal here in a bit, 12 oz. jasmine rice, 6 oz. shredded chicken breast.

    When I’m training in the PM I’ll use similar protocol except I use humalog here just because I train so close to bed, also normally always pin GH in morning. I don’t think it matters when you pin GH as long as IGF levels are elevated, which if you’re pinning Ed or eod they will be.

    I like the way you’re timing the nutrients and cardio to optimize Fatloss and muscle building in the same day. I’ve used this approach before as well but usually when I’m using slin my calories are high and I have carbs in every meal. I’m also a oral preworkout guy so when I’m running orals they coincide with the insulin as well, I’m just not running any orals right now. Like you, I love the way insulin blows you up in the gym, pushed those nutrients to the muscles you’re training, killer pump.

    I’m also experimenting with using insulin during cheat meals. I’m using it as a GDA per say. In my opinion it’s the Kings of GDA so why not use it as such? Last weekend I use 10 units for a 4-5,000 calorie cheat meal ( well over 600g carbs). Food went down so easy. I have a cheat meal planned for tonight another 4-5,000 calorie meal and may use 15-20 units.
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    Got my bloodwork back and it’s 549 I will post up info sometime tonight busy at work grinding my ass off
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  6. Good plan
    Just waiting On egg shells next Monday its there
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    Hey all, I have been reading this thread and needless to say, there is great conversation/information. I’d love to know if anyone is having to take caber while on hgh. If so, how effective has it been?
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    So on discord someone had posted about Matt Porter died. If you have a chance look up the one where he talks about how to get huge in a hurry. He talks about slin, hgh, aas...wondering your opinions. Seems crazy to me his suggestions. But I’m not a man.
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  9. It's absolutely possible to gain a huge amount of scale weight with the right combination of AAS, or even a low dose, combined with GH and fast acting insulin.

    In my experience, unless you have a lot of muscle already, you will get a lot of spill-over from the fast acting insulin use. But you can definitely blow-up from that combination in very short order under the right conditions. But it's not going to be a dry look and the amount of actual muscle gained on such an approach will not be as fruitful as a longer methodical slower paced growth phase.

    If you took a guy with only a few years of AAS and training experience, I wouldn't expect a good look using this combination. If you took someone with 10+ years of training and AAS use who has maybe taken some time off or is a little out of shape at the start but has a lot of muscle, you can probably produce a great temporary look using this combo.

    If fast acting insulin is the main thing driving weight gain then you can fairly certain it is going to be a mostly temporary effect.
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    3 Day TD from Opti. Packaging tight and responsiveness was first class.

    This is nice.
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    I’m Thinking I need to order more!
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  12. I recently decided to give in and do my first run with gh. I want to give thanks to @opti It was not only my first time ordering gh, but using bitcoin for a purchase. I also had several questions which he gave terrific insight in his responses. He was very helpful through the process, and shipping was 3 days.
    Going through his thread, I see there are several experienced members in the realm of gh. I would like to thank you all for your insight and assistance to those of us who are new to this.
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    Do you ever cheat? Everything looks perfect.
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    Okay here is the next blood test done on 5/28

    So uhm I did a little drinking well maybe a lot it was the day after Memorial Day buttttttt all my liver values are fucked compared to my last test.

    Estrogen has decreased but not where I want it.

    Reason for high test was because it was 10 hrs after pin of 125mg running that every 3 days usually it averages at 1400 3 days after pin

    Pinned hgh at 931 am
    Pulled blood at 10:47am IMG_3356.jpg IMG_3357.jpg
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    Caber is used to combat prolactin related side effects, which can arise from taking 19 nor compounds. In the 2 years i've been running GH i have never had a prolactin issue. Nor have i ever heard of GH affecting it.
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    Thank you for your feedback! I recently read somewhere here on Meso of hgh raising prolactin. I’m scheduled for bloodwork tomorrow that should put me at ease, based on your response.
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    Not when I take insulin. In the off season I cheat usually on one of the other meals outside of the para workout window.
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    good numbers, thanks for testing
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    @Kim I'm glad to know you are satisfied with my communication and T/A. I look forward to your updates-progress on the Optis. How many IU's will you be taking? Please keep us posted.

    Hahaha thanks @iceman440, looks like I have quite a bit of emails to send out and get squared away ASAP!

    Excited to see how your igf numbers change if at all going from ed to eod injections. Shoot me an email @Mighty-mouse if you need a few kits, ready to ship.

    Keep us posted on the progress of your lady if you don't mind? Let me know when you are ready to order, available and ready to ship.
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    Holy crap, that high of a igf1 on just 5iu??? I really regret buying some elsewhere a month ago and should have just went with opti. Trying to sell what I got so I can get optis!!!
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