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    Sounds like we have a similar protocol and get similar sides. Ive made the mistake of starting too high, ramping up too quick, and trying to run It it too high. Lethargy and carpal tunnel was unmanageable. I’ve learned my lessons over time with GH hence the slow ramp up and eod pin protocol I’m using coming back on now. Slow and steady wins the race with GH.
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    Thanks for the feedback. How long are you guys running it for before breaking?
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    25 years.... :p

    I’m just gonna run it as long as everything stays in check.

    I do like ramping it up and cruising though.

    What I mean is while I’m cruising on test I also like to stay low at 2ius of hgh then when I get closer to my winter blast I like to slowly increasing the hgh. I want to be at my maximum hgh dose (5ius) when my blast is starting to peak.

    My logic behind this is using the hgh to grow new cells (by ramping up the ius) a few months before my blast then using AAS (on blast) to grow those cells! :eek:

    I seen good results last year by doing this so I’m gonna go the same route this year as well. :D
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    Same here as @bolder. As long as possible but will cruise at a lower dose while cruising and ramp up for blast.
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    I like your thinking Kim!
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    Everywhere I read it says best to run HGH as long as possible, period. I'm a month in but plan to shoot for 4 to 5 months and see if the benefits outweigh cost for me personally. Think 5 months is plenty long enough to see some results..
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    Looking forward to reading up on our results @DOMS4DAYS and how the Optis compare to other Somatropins you have previously used.
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  9. I understand hgh is the kind of drug you need to use for a few months before you see optimal results regardless of dose

    Which makes sense if you think about how you grew as a kid....slow and steady

    But I've also heard to reduce your bodies ability to build a tolerance to exogenous hgh its good to only shoot for two days then take a day off OR shoot Monday thru Friday and take weekends off

    I'm more fond of the second approach

    But I'm new to hgh so I'm not a top notch source of info
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    The medical dosing guidelines for HGH do not call for any on/off schedule as far as I've been able to find.
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    I don’t take a break at all. I believe the problems arise when taking super physiological doses.

    I do feel it’s best to blast and cruise however. When I say cruise, I’m referring to getting your IGF levels to the high end of what is acceptable in the reference range.

    I believe super physiological doses of anything can lead to issues, just as being below natural references ranges aren’t good either.
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  12. Rockclimber

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    Blood tests show that you need at least 2 days off for your pituitary gland to start producing its own growth hormone again. Taking one day off is not sufficient.
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    Looking forward to it as well
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  14. Kim

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    Thank you. I was looking for that. So I’ll continue just to take everytday.
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    Hey, this post is a little late, been busy... But Saturday I got another TD from Opti in 3 days.
    Thanks Opti.

    On another note... I'm really sick of split dose, it's a pain in the ass... How much am I losing out on really if I take my 4iu once per day as opposed to 2iu twice daily.
    It's not that I can't administer the injections.... It's more timing it around food because of glucose concerns. I don't have insulin and I just can't seem to time.my injections more than once a day where I am not eating within 2-3 hours. I considered waking up at night but that sucks
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    I use GH to raise IGF levels, as I’m sure most people do as well. I don’t think food has any impact on IGF levels at all.

    At the moment, I personally take my GH in the morning. I typically inject GH in the morning, take my vitamins, eat breakfast, then head out to the gym. This seems to be working fine for me.

    I used to just take it night before bed. Because it was convenient.

    I believe John Meadows has mentioned previously that he promotes using it post workout.

    I’ve seen a video where Jordan Peters mention that timing isn’t so important, just do what works for you, and get the GH in your system.
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    I mean I do my first GH shot 2iu at 545 am, go to the gym... Second i was doing right before bed, but I was having a hard time not eating in that night timeframe. I don't think food impacts the way the GH works, maybe I'm mixed up here. But I thought that eating too close to GH injections can raise blood sugar to unsafe levels and increase risk of diabetes. That is where my concern about timing comes from .. not because I think food has an effect on the benefits of raised IGF...
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  18. Rockclimber

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    Splitting the dose up is only beneficial for fat loss. If you're just looking to raise igf-1 you can take it all at once. Currently I take 5iu in the morning and I don't eat until 3 hours later but I'm using it for fat loss primarily. When I'm bulking I take it either right before or right after work out all at once and eat a huge meal.
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    Gotcha, I understand. From my own personal experience, and yes you are correct, it will raise blood sugar levels as does food consumption. To unsafe levels, that I’m not sure of. It was my understanding that GH alone can potentially cause diabetes.

    Do you have a blood sugar meter?

    I would try a test on yourself, inject GH, eat , check bg levels, wait a few hours and check again. See what effect it’s truly causing.

    I do this on various days. Even when not using GH. It’s a good way to tell if your body has processed the carbs, and you should eat again.

    Do you use berberine or metformin?

    I’ve used berberine in the past and it worked well. I was using 4 grams a day.

    My fasting bg in the morning is always around 95. Seems a bit high. So I had my A1c checked as well not to long ago, and that was normal.

    I guess my best advice is to monitor your bg levels and adjust accordingly.
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    Blood sugar meters suck, i own 2 and they are never accurate, i have reactive hypoglycemia and when i did blood work last time a few weeks ago, i did not go fasted yet my blood sugar was 41 which is super low, yet same day checked w meter and it showed 88.... Wth

    I might be ok on gh as it would normalize my blood sugar levels
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