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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by opti, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. Kim

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    Hypothyroid. Thanks for clarifying. :p
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  2. BIG74

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    @DOMS4DAYS, so I measured bg today without the GH. Upon wake up my fasted bg was 97. Consumed 1 1/2 cups ground oatmeal along with 16 ounces of egg whites, checked bg an hour later, it was 138. Waited 3 hours and checked bg again, it was 92.

    It would appear that GH doesn’t have too much of an effect on bg when taken with food. At least in this instance.

    I forgot to mention the amount of GH taken in my original post. It was 6 ius of the mauve tops.
  3. Dude. I had a cyst under my medula oblongota. I think that's how u spell it . I would get spontaneous nose bleeds and dizzy spells. I refused the operation and it went away on its own. Just saying for support u know? I was 18 at the time. Scared. But I made it just by having faith and keeping my head up
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    Guys - this thread is a shining example to many of the others on this forum. Good information exchanged, positive attitudes, advice. All with a shared common goal of “opti-mizing” our GH experiences.

    Just to add: I’m doing 4IU’s of Optis fasted, daily, and waiting one hour to begin eating. Even that is hard as hungry as I wake up!
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  5. Tiredandhot

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    I agree. No constant shit posting of stupid crap clogging up threads. Would rather watch paint dry than read thru some of it looking for info. Nothing but great stuff here.

    Nice going on the 4iu, I do 2 in am and two in PM. May increase it soon...
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  6. Oldschool

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    Shout out to @opti .

    Jumped in on an order with a friend from here and have to say turnaround was damn quick. All I have at the moment but will definitely be posting my experience in a month or so. Thanks opti.
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  7. Mighty-mouse

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    Well I’m currently on the beach so blood test will have to wait till I return home. Then I will be split dosing for the next 6 weeks and pulling igf numbers to see the difference
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  8. penche

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    As busy as this man is, his T/A was still fast as hell. Keep up the solid work @opti
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  9. Logan44551

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  10. Kpaxi

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    @Kim is this who you’re using for gh? Curious to how it’s treating you
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  11. Kim

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    Yes, I actually feel the numbness in my feet. I didn’t feel the others so I know it’s working. It’s 99% pure and the others that sell it are about 94%. Opti’s TA is incredible. I got my stuff in two days. I highly recommend Opti.
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  12. Urgentfury12

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    My hands are bothering me when I first wake up in the morning, nothing horrible but noticeable.
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  13. Kim

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    Numb feeling? Still 2ius?
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  14. Urgentfury12

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    Not numb but tight in between my knuckles. Yes 2ius.
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  15. Kim

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    I didn’t really start doing a better fasting job until last week. Are you doing that?
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  16. Urgentfury12

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    Last food I eat is 2 hours before bed then my HGH snack.
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    DOMS4DAYS Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Thanks for doing this brother. Pretty cool little experiment. 6iu is a good dose and it had little impact to BG levels. I thought that would be the case. These are the type of experiments I learn the most from. Live and real in the trenches experiments are what I like to base my knowledge and experience from.
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  18. Rockclimber

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    5iu of pharma gh doesnt raise my blood sugar much at all and I never get a numb tingling feeling. Tight finger joints, sure, but never that tingling feeling I hear about.
    My waking blood glucose is around 66 and after 5iu gh it's around 70s, still really low. Maybe in a few more years my body will react differently
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  19. Tiredandhot

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    Same here, 5iu to 6iu and no bad cts. On a different source tho
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  20. BIG74

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    You’re welcome

    Yes sir, I agree, gotta do the experiments. The human body is amazing how it adapts and processes things. For example: I feel like complete shit on high amounts of test (500mg). For me 300- 350 is the sweet spot and even then I use some aromasin as I convert at high rate.
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