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    Yup, it’s crazy. And everyone’s body responds differently. For example I feel like shit on less than 300 lol. I have a super low SHBG so takes a higher dose of test for me to maintain a good TT#.
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    @really small guy, you're welcome. I hope you continue to reap the benefits of my Optis.

    Hahaha, I like that @“opti-mizing”! I agree, their has been some great information shared as of lately. I want to thank everyone who has participated in this thread. Great information, keep it coming guys.

    Thank you very much @Oldschool, I look forward to reading up on your progress regarding my Optis. Keep us updated once you begin.

    Enjoy your vacation @Mighty-mouse. Look forward to seeing if their is any major change in your igf numbers changing your injection frequency.

    Thanks @penche! I hope you continue to reap the benefits of my Optis as well. What dose are you currently on? How are the results? Keep us posted.

    Thank you for your feedback @Kim. Are you keeping a log? I would like to read up on your results as you are the first female who openly posts on Meso that is using my Optis.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, for those sports fanatics like myself. Enjoy game 5! Curious to see if KD will come out ferocious and give GSW some hope.
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    Sent you a video mutha fucca
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    I just started doing it correctly with the fasting...excited about everything I’m learning...thank you Opti Man!
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    Yeah I look better I know... haha kidding.
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    I tried it, as well as cummin and celery seed extract. It didn't seem to do anything to ease the numbness in my fingers. Although did seem to keep my fingers from swelling as much.
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    Pics or gtfo
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    I posted them on the tgi thread.... maybe I’ll surprise you guys one day and post a pic here.
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  11. U do and u know it buff Barbie. She had pancakes for breakfast with 2 egg whites and toast w jelly and butter.
    U ate clean, you train good, and your back definition shows it.
    Ur the boss Kim. Claim ur throne
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    Just starting out here on meso, but I've ordered a kit from several places. Opti was the first to come in. Ordered 6/7, came in 6/11. Was supposed to be here yesterday but post was slacking. Great communication and crazy quick t/a. A+ for logistics

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    thanks for the info but you don’t have to be so specific. Just say TA was 4 days ;)
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    Thank you very much for your feedback @DidIFart! I'm sure you will be just as content if not more with the quality of the Optis. Enjoy and keep us posted on your progress.
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  17. penche

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    Not sure but I screwed up the quote lol. Anyhow, Results are great even when I’m off diet and eating double meats lol. Thank God for hgh. Currently on 3iu. Anymore than that and I’ll get a bit tired in the morning without t3/t4. Finally givin the body a break from all the heavy tren and T3/t4.
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    What was your dosage of T3/T4?
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    Another successful order with @opti. Quick t/a and communication was on point as usual.
    Thank you sir
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    I was using 50mcg of T4 and 35mcg of T3 straight in the morning. Sometimes another hit of T3 alone in the afternoon of 25mcg on heavy tren side effect days. For me the side effect of tren is lethargy, top that with heavy dose of hgh. You’ll be tired as hell. So the T3/t4 really helped with lethargic feeling. I tapered down slowly to let my thyroid restart up.

    If you decide to use T3/t4 start with minimal doses. Such as 10 of each and go slow. Only use pharmaceutical grade Kim. Brands such as Abdi Ibrahim tiromel are good. It’s produced in micrograms that’s why I preach use pharma brand
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