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  1. Low sex hormone binding gobulen? Wouldn’t hat mean it takes less test to get your desired results?
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  2. Wrath

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    @Urgentfury12 @Kim

    I recently upped my dosage to 4ius a day. My fingers and arms are going numb regularly now. Not just while sleeping.

    To all- thanks for the great info. Keep it going. Great posts in here.
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  3. OldSmice

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    SHBG keeps hormone in your system so it can be used later. It's kind of like your body's natural ester.

    If you have low SHBG you piss out a lot of hormone... only so much can be used at any given time.

    Conversely too high and your free-T/E will be low but your total T numbers will read very high.

    I usually have >1000 TT naturally but below range free T due to high SHBG.
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  4. Damn, I guess it doesn’t matter if it’s high or low shbg is a bitch in general lol
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  5. Kim

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    @Urgentfury12 are you on 2 ius still?
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  6. Urgentfury12

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    Yes Ma’am.
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  7. bolder

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    Didn’t realize I was on my last 10 pack of slin pins so I had to delay on starting the Optis. :(

    I did start em last weekend and jumped straight in to 4ius but just on the first vial lol. Been doing 2ius this week. Will continue doing 2ius for a while. I’m dosing it at 12ius per vial.
    At 2ius I’ll run a vial a week so 6 days on and off 1.
    Later on as I increase my dose I’ll return back to 5 on 2 off. I may increase an iu every two months til I reach 5ius.

    I think I can feel them already working. I’m pretty sure I can smell fear. o_O The weights start shaking when I get close to em :eek: it’s obvious the weights are scared of me!! :cool:
    Or maybe it’s just a placebo effect :confused:

    Just wanted to update and let y’all know I’m finally on dez Optis!! :D
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  8. Urgentfury12

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    How much BAC water are you putting in each vial ? I’m using 1.2ml and only getting 8ius per vial.
  9. Tiredandhot

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    I assume these aren't overdosed at all and real 10iu vials? Wasn't sure if they were like TPs vials that are overdosed...
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  10. bolder

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    I’m using the same amount.
    I just use the slin pin to add the bac water. I pull 100 units then put into the hgh vial and then pull 20 more and add that. It comes out to 12ius (120 units).
    Easiest way to do it imo.
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  11. Urgentfury12

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    Hmmm I’ll try it that way tonight.
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  12. bolder

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    I bought 8 kits and after receiving them @opti agreed to pay for the cost of the testing if I’d send in a random vial from those kits. I agreed.
    The vial I sent in to W&M tested at 12.2iu/vial so I’m reconstituting them at 12ius per vial.
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  13. Tiredandhot

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    Sweet! I'd love to know from @opti if all kits are dosed like that or maybe you had a slightly overdosed batch.
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  14. bolder

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    This is on the second page in the testing lab section... :)
    Optitropin HPLC results
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  15. Tiredandhot

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  16. Kim

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  17. opti

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    Glad to hear @penche. Hey as long as you keep getting great results from the Optis while eating double meats, why change it?;)

    You're welcome @Xragexx and thank you for posting your feedback on our mutual agreement. Continue to enjoy the Optis!

    @Wrath are you going to lower your dose or continue to use 4iu/ed? The numbness can get annoying especially when you get woken up because of it.

    Noooooo this can not be placebo effect! Please dye to hair with hydrogen peroxide, wear a no fear tank top to the gym and smash the iron.

    I have to ask though!? How dare you only have a 10 pack of slin pins with a ton of Optis?:D

    @Tiredandhot I promoted my Optis as a 100iu kit but in reality they are 120iu's total. I will change my automated price list to show this.

    Batch #1 was tested by HPLC twice and came back at 12iu and 12.2iu. My Optis are from a true GMP facility so their should very little variance if any.

    Batch #1 is still in being shipped though I already have a new batch #2 and will post the HPLC report prior to their circulation. They tested at 12iu;):D by @Weights & Measures by the way. Hope I have answered all your questions.

    Ladies and gentlemen, have a great weekend, you and your loved ones.
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  18. bolder

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    Well in case you haven’t noticed bro the 90’s are coming back! I could definitely throw on a tie dye or No Fear shirt and peroxide the hair or just frost the tips and fit right in wherever I go! :cool:

    Even though that’s not likely gonna happen I definitely have that option :p
    Besides I enjoyed the 90s so it doesn’t hurt my feelings a bit to see that shit coming back into style lol... :cool:

    And on the running out of pins....well fuck me, right? Lol
    I keep them behind my IM pins and reached back to find an empty box! :eek:
    I’m not gonna lie it did hurt my feelings a bit :( Almost went IM a few times but decided to hold off until I got the slins.

    Got 200 pins now and ready to keep the Optis flowing!! ;)
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    DOMS4DAYS Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    If you want a more concentrated solution the last vial I reconstituted I used 6ml bacteriostatic water and treat 1ml solution as 2iu optitropin works just fine
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    DOMS4DAYS Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Can’t buy pins at pharmacy where you live? I buy in bulk online as well but if I’m ever short they will sell any size and type from behind counter at any pharmacy where I’m at.
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