HGH For Double Knee Replacement Surgery

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  1. MeatHead69

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    Hey All,

    Family member is having both knees fully replaced. Not sure if they will be done at the same time yet, or one after the other. I was wondering what kind of protocol would be suggested for her?

    She is 65 years old and female. I was thinking just 1 iu daily injected into said knee. Please let me know if you have any experience or recommendations. I will provide updates as she heals.

  2. Anabolic-Chicken

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    Why not, but it's I my opinion not really working how I think you imagine it!
    I think you need much more than only 1 iu GH! But it's better than nothing I belive ..

    think about this, 2 iu GH, enough tb-500 and also BPC157 and there was another compound that will be helpful to heal..
    but I do not remember it at the moment..
    maybe another person here just could say something about the 4 compound what will be helping with the healing..
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  3. MeatHead69

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    Thanks buddy. Im also looking into the BPC and tb500. I'm surprised people on this forum are not confident in HGHs healing abilities, or are not experienced nor educated about it.
  4. Eman

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    Not educated about it? Go ahead dude, inject that GH right into her knee, retard.
  5. Goingstronger

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    Since when is GH injected locally?

    It makes no sense as GH exerts most of its « healing » properties through conversion into igf-1 in the liver
  6. MeatHead69

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    Where did i say to inject GH locally?
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  8. Anabolic-Chicken

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    most people with real pain are first hoping that only GH will be able to heal and to stay pain free, but after a while with only GH most people realize that it is not a healing wonder!

    maybe in some cases is GH enough, but not for all...
  9. Naugahyde

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    HGH is also reputed to have brain cell replenishing attributes - a local injection into said grey matter will work wonders for you. Best of luck!
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    the handle fits.