HGH FRAGMENT 176-191 Where?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by pcgizzmo, Feb 20, 2009.

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    pcgizzmo Junior Member

    I'm looking for a reputable place to purchase this. Hopefully someone who has tried the product could point me in the right direction. My understanding is this is not scheduled and it's for research so I should be OK asking about this here? If not, my apologies mods please delete my post. Feel free to PM me if you don't want to post.
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    jasthace Member

    Everyone's looking for reliable & reputable sources.
    The problem is,if someone were to recommend one to you and you have issues,then who are you going to complain to?
    Its not worth recommending sources to people, it's not worth the trouble.
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    pcgizzmo Junior Member

    Hey, I'm not gonna sue you. Not to mention what I am looking for is not illegal for testing purposes and if my rat dies I won't come knocking I promise :) I'm just looking for someone to tell me they have had luck w/such and such. If they don't want to post it then a PM would be fine w/me.
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    Bigkarch Member

    Pm is the only way to go...dont post it here.
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    bigbench Member

    There has been a lot of hype about this product (especially since its better than the 177-191 version) but the people that saw the most results were running such high doses that price wise it came out to be as much if not more expensive than regular GH
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    facesprinter Junior Member

    Has anyone experienced injection site lumps? If so, what can I do to get these damn things to go away!?
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    ericraven2003 Member

    Frags are a waste of money. You have do so much that its no cheaper than GH and GH will blow awy the effects of the frags.
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    facesprinter Junior Member

    I read a detailed log about the fat loss benefits of the frag, I just can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone regarding the injection site lumps. I went to my doc and he wanted to cut it out! I declined that one.

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