HGH gyno

Discussion in 'Human Growth Hormone and Peptides' started by bob hughes, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. bob hughes

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    Anyone ever get it?
    Anything that can be taken to counter it if it happens?
    My understanding is if it happens, you can basically never use hgh again without the gyno worsening, is this the case?
    Most importantly from my view, is there a threshold in terms of iu/day or week under which gyno is unlikely?
  2. HGH or hcg ??

    They are two very different comounds
  3. Evom1

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    He said hgh, and also talked about a daily iu dose. He's asking about hgh.
  4. musclemoose

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    Sounds like his HGH Is fake and is actually HCG. Not uncommon using HCG to fake HGH.
  5. Brolloks

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    Get a pregnancy piss stick and test it. hcg will return a positive.
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  6. bob hughes

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    No, hgh. Its a real thing, ive read many anecdotes, and at least one medical study of hgh on elderly men where some subjects dropped out of study due to gyno. And btw, is hcg really sold as hgh?? Hcg isnt exactly cheap, if someone was going to sell fake hgh, why would they bother spending alot of money on hcg since its fake anyway....
  7. Jeffg353

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    HCG is much cheaper compared to Gh. It has been done in the past but don't think it's seen as much anymore since generic gh has become more cheaper n available.

    Does HGH also cause gynecomastia? The answer is yes, because HGH is also a hormone that can throw hormonal levels of their balance especially the hormone prolactin.
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  8. Docd187123

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    Prolactin does not cause gyno
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  9. musclemoose

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    Its more likely a tumor
  10. bob hughes

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    What I read about that is that it doesn't affect prolactin levels, but that it itself binds to the prolactin receptors. Not sure if this is why it causes gyno. Biggest questions I have are safe dose to avoid this, and if you can take anything to get rid of it if it happens. The one study I read on the elderly men found that igf-1 levels above a certain level were correlated with gyno as well as CTS. But it measured igf-1 levels I believe as units per milliliter, I couldn't find any kind of conversion for units per milliliter, to ng/ml or whatever the standard reference range metric is. But it looked like igf-1 being too high was an issue. The other interesting thing in this study was that the best lean body gains and fat losses were also with the guys whose igf-1 was NOT too high, I think they drew the conclusion that smaller doses were better for body composition, as well as avoiding sides but I can't find out what the igf-1 cutoff was. You should check out that study it's interesting maybe I'll try to link it here or you can just Google HGH elderly men study gyno or something like that..
  11. bob hughes

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    Here's the abstract for it
    Carpal tunnel syndrome and gynaecomastia during growth hormone treatment of elderly men with low circulating IGF-I concentrations. - PubMed - NCBI
  12. Just Fish

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  13. Jeffg353

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    This is the article I was referring to when I mentioned prolactin. I couldn't find it again when I went back to look it up. So, the issue is NOT prolactin per say. It is the fact that HGH BINDS to prolactin receptors additionally to naturally secreted prolactin. The reason is that HGH and Prolactin belong to the same class of cytokines. This results in the fact that HGH has a good binding affinity for the Prolactin receptor and therefore can cause the same signaling that Prolactin would, at the site of mammary tissue PRL receptors.

    I've heard some Dopamine Agonists like caber or bromocriptine have helped (just anecdotal bro-science) but don't know if there's any studies or scientific evidence/proof that this in fact works.
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  14. master.on

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    Any chance OP got hcg instead of GH
    HCG caused Estro to skyrocket thus the real gyno cause?
  15. bob hughes

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    Dude did you read the thread? I dont have gyno. I didnt get hcg
    Ah ok gotcha. We were thinking along the same lines. I've had no issues so far on three IU so I'm hoping things stay that way..
  16. bob hughes

    bob hughes Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    You're not the first person who said that though about the hcg so maybe I just wasn't clear my bad.. no gyno so far though..
  17. Goingstronger

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    hcg substitution for HGH was rampant before 2008-2010, but as someone mentioned above the cost of generic HGH today is such that it almost doesn't happen anymore.
    HGH is usually always real out of the factory, storage conditions is the parameter that varies a lot and will determine if you end up having any active HGH in your vial.

    As for "gyno" caused by HGH: growth hormone makes all tissues grow, including the skin and flesh in the tits area over time. So what people end up getting is a disproportionate flesh growth that is not matched by the pectoral muscle growth, and ends up looking flabby.

    Nothing to do with actual gyno that is esteogen-mediated and results in gland swelling
  18. Jeffg353

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    Seen anecdotal posts about going over 5iu making it worse. Only thing I would recommend is keeping an eye on it. Like the study mentioned about exceeding a certain igf-1 level being the mitigating factor.
  19. amar7

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    I got pharm grade HGH and couldn't believe it to be the cause too that I got a small gyno, but turns out to be the cause and probably prolactin related. I added caber and it seems to have this in check, the gyno didn't go away, but it got smaller.

    HGH isn't the perfect drug I wished it to be, it can have some bad side effects too, some like AAS. I'll keep taking it though, but keep an eye on possible sides.
  20. bob hughes

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    Good to know thanks. How many iu were you taking before the gyno, and how many now?